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Thread: A Good Bed Time Diaper

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    Default A Good Bed Time Diaper

    So I don't usually ask for help when it come to diapers since I don't believe in others doing research for me. However, I'm at a dead end in my search for a particular kind of diaper and I need some help from the community.

    The reason I'm looking for a new kind of diaper is my schedule and pocketbook. Right now I'm going to an university and living at home with parents so the time I usually get to wear is when I go to bed. When I wake up I do my morning pee check my emails peek in at forums maybe use the diaper one more time then hop in the shower and get ready for school. The problem is that I've been using bambino classicos for this routine, and I'm just not using the bambinos to there full penitential and they are just too expensive to be used in this manner.

    So I guess looking for a bed time diaper that is/has:

    Comfortable- I need to be able to sleep in this thing all night long so I don't want any bunching.

    Good Tapes- I hate when the tapes come undone while sleeping it always wakes me up.

    Good Leak Protection- The only thing I hate more then tapes coming undone are leaks.

    Plastic Cover- I can't stand cloth cover diapers.

    Absorbent- Should be able to handle being flooded.

    Affordable- Needs to be less then the cost of bambinos.

    It doesn't have to have:

    Huge Capacity- I'm only using it once or twice.

    Good Design- I don't really care what it looks like I have bambinos for that.

    If you do have a suggestion on a diaper brand please also leave information on a honest website that will not sent offers in the mail and ships discreetly to purchase your suggested brand.

    Thank you I'm really at a dead end here.
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    Try attends, or if you're worried about leakage, use cheaper diapers as stuffers

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    the only thing that realy comes to mind for me is the abena super at xpmedical, they arent as absorbent as xplus or bambino but will do the job, and xpmedical ships discreet and dont send junk mail to u.

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    I recommenr Abena Xplus they are cheaper tehn some and they keep me dry through the night and usually a morning wetting

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    Attends are to low quality for me but thanks for the suggestion.

    How thick are abena supers compared to a bambino?

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    May I suggest that you try a few Tranquility ATNs. They are designed for use at night, so they have many of the features that you're looking for. Plus, they are generally cost less per diaper than Bambinos. The best website that I've found for these is Adult Diapers, Incontinence Products, Adult Incontinence Products

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    For Bed, I wear Abena Extras. There not as thick as the Xplus but they are just as good in my opinion for night time wetting. Also you get more per case with the extras over the xplus. I would say that it also meets all your listed criteria for about 98 cents per brief. Check em out on You will be glad you did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymace View Post
    So I don't usually ask for help when it come to diapers since I don't believe in others doing research for me.
    Let me break you of that habit right now. There are folks on here that know more than many diaper-company execs, and it is beneficial to reach out to the community.

    However, I'm at a dead end in my search for a particular kind of diaper and I need some help from the community.

    ... leave information on a refutable website ...
    Hopefully nobody will sent you to one of these.

    I like Abenas or Molicares for night-time use, but my use is recreational and the cost probably reflects this. They're definitely not something to get if you want to go through 6 a day, or one a night for a light wetting.

    As far as flooding, that's a problem with most diapers. You can look at gel-to-pulp ratios and come to a rough understanding of flood-control versus leak-resistance, but my understanding is that you'll eventually have to compromise and make a tradeoff (between these two, cost, and bulkiness).

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    I think personal preferance has alot to do with it. I dont like abena x-plus because they are to bulky between my legs to try to sleep on your side, but if you only sleep on your back or stomach then that wouldnt be a problem (or maybe some like the discomfort of the bulk, or there body are shaped in a way that it does not bother them)
    I like the tranquility ATN, because they have padding into the sides that help if you sleep on your side, but the only problem I have with them is that the plastic is VERY noisy, noisy enough that my parents hear it in the next room if I dont try to mask the noise
    What ever you choise, a plastic sheet, or bed pad, disposible or reusable, or some sort of mattress protector is a MUST, even a ocasional leak every now and then, over time it will ruin your mattress.

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    i've read a lot about the tranquility ATN's and they seem top notch with some nifty "peach padding" thing. hey they have a cool gimmick, give 'em a go

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