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Thread: Band news =3

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    Smile Band news =3

    on 4/20/08 I will be on Fox <the channel> NATIONAL!!! My school band is going to be broadcasted live across the nation, so yall better watch, look for the white and blue uniforms with the R, its my high school, imma be one of the sax players, if noticable, i will have a red neo neck strap, the sax should appear to be scratched <if noticable> and I definitly will be out of step, or probabley just marching pit band <the band director is a fascist I tell you!>
    I hope yall will be able to see me, imma post my band picture in the gallery as soon as I find it, ^^ *gets to looking again*

    And hell yea, imma be padded!

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    4/20... National weed day... =]

    Its true... But really that's pretty cool, I'll be watching.

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    Yeah as soon as i saw the date i immediately thought this thread was going to be pot related... but its not. hooray!!! any way good luck jakethefox, with the national spot light on your high school band !!!

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    Cool, and grats......although some people may be stoned out of their minds *looks at the post above him* I'll try and watch....

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    Cool Jake!

    Yeah I will watch too if I am not too stoned that I forget!

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    Congrats on being on the Fox (furry? ) news!

    However, don't expect me to watch it because (1) we don't have Fox news on this side of the big pond and (2) it'll be the first day of my trip to Scotland, so I won't be home anyway.


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    I'll do my best to try an' record it for ya peachy, ^^
    And I wont smoke that much weed, I will only do enough to forget my name xD

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