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    Default Mandatory-introduction.

    So. Newcomer. Shy one, I guess - I'd been lurking 'til this notice popped up I couldn't lurk anymore 'til I posted an introduction.

    Diapers are a fairly new fascination for me, something I'm maybe still talking myself into exploring. Found this place just randomly searching for information of any kind, kept peeking in because it's a chance to just vicariously soak in the experience while I come to terms. But it's a definite fascination. Something I'm hoping I'm bold enough to try soon.

    Um. Not allowed to view any other threads until I get this done with and not wholly sure what's of interest to put here. So before it starts to ramble: Hello, ADISC forums.

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    Hello Adel welcome to ADISC. i hope you are enjoying it here. and i know how it feels to be in your shoes. not sure on why you like diapers and what the fascination is, i dont envy you thats for sure. anyway as i said welcome and if you need advice and the like dont be shy to ask

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    Hi there Adel, and welcome. I know what you're feeling, and you couldn't have found a better place to start. If you need anything, just let me know.

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