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    Hey Everyone. I'm newly registered here, but I've looked around many times before. I just wanted to share with all of you that like baby food that there's a new brand I found the other day at the grocery store called, Sprout ( It's by Tyler Florence and was supposedly created so he could feed his son tastier food. I purchased a package of Apple Oatmeal, and another of Sweet Potatoes.

    I had a jar of Gerber 3rd foods Apple Oatmeal that I tasted it against. Since the Sprout is more of seconds food it wasn't a completely even test, but I will say the Sprout tasted significantly better. The gerber food had more texture, but again it wasn't completely fair test wise there.

    Sweet potatoes are a food that in the past I thought I would love. I tried a jar of Gerber lolng ago though and gagged on it almost worse than any other flavor! So I figured maybe this would be better. Indeed I will say that the flavor was much better, close to what I would make home made myself.

    The food itself comes in little pouches that you're supposed to be able to feed to babies at room temperature, or warm in hot water. They specifically say not to microwave or boil. I think the portions equivalent to the smaller size jars. Overall I think the food is actually a step up. Some may enjoy the fact that it's also all 'organic.' I'm going to have to pickup some of the other flavors next time I go to the store.

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    if I want oatmeal, I'll eat oatmeal.

    babyfood is pretty much pre-chewed food, and hopefully without all the junk.

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    Babyfood Isnt something I want to try. It looks disgusting, and I like to pretend I'm more of a toddler, not a baby.

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    The fruity stuff is UHMAZING!

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    It's bad form to have your first post boasting about some product. It sounds like advertising. Why not write an introduction in the greetings forum?

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    I love baby food too. JUST NO MORE PEES!

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