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Thread: Diapers in Mall

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    Default Diapers in Mall

    Well, i have been to a few malls, but i can seem to find any stores that have diapers in them, anyone know where diapers are normally found at malls?
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    Unless your mall has a K-mart, you may be out of luck.

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    If your mall has some convenience store such as a CVS, then that is an option. Otherwise your chances are slim.

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    I find myself curious as to your motivation for asking such a thing

    I have never seen diapers in a mall. Well, other than in the restrooms as a convenience in nicer ones. tk7432 is likely correct.

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    Highly unlikely. Although many years ago, my local mall did have a local drugstore chain have a parcel inside. However, they went out of business years ago and all they had were jumbo packs of Huggies overpriced by five bucks.

    Again, highly unlikely unless your mall has those nice "family restrooms." And even then I doubt they have diapers for sale.

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    If you want to buy diapers you need to go to a drugstore, grocery store or a discount store like Walmart or K-Mart. A mall drugstore or grocery store will probably not have a lot of diaper selection because they usually don't have a lot of space.

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    If a mall near you is lucky enough to have a Target store, you'll find a good selection there. They have the usual baby brands and Goodnites/Underjams too. In another section they will have adult incontinence products like Depends and their store brand.

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    Check for grocery or convenience stores in your mall. However, they're unlikely to be found.

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