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Thread: Any of your neighbors know?

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    Default Any of your neighbors know?

    I know one of my neighbors kows, a few years a go we had a bunch o fhot air baloons fly over our development (they do this same time every year, well I grabbed my camera and ran ito my back yard to see if I could get any good pics, well there was one really neat one but it was just passing over my house, so I ran out the front door and started taking pictures of it. I then heard voices and realized I was standing in my driveway with only a t shirt and my night time cloth diapers and plastic pants (which that morning as always were soaked) I looked over and saw my nieghbor in her driveway across the street with her 2 young children watching the baloons, she just looked over and waived at me. I paniced and ran into the house. I saw her later and apoligized for the incident and atold her I wore for need at night as I still wet the bed and she was very cool about it telling me that having had 2 kids she was used to seeing wet diapers in the mornings.

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    I'm sure some of my neighbours know. I live in an apartment building, and one time I decided to try getting my diapers delivered from a local medical supply store (instead of picking them up myself). Well, they left 2 packages in a black plastic bag hanging from the doorknob of my apartment door...

    So, I'm sure at least a couple of my neighbours took a peak. I know I would

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    A few of my close neighbors know that I am profoundly urinary incontinent. However as far as I known none of my neighbors has a clue I use ABDL to cope with my Icon.

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    All of my neighbors are old as hell. I don't think they'd even know what a disposable looks like.

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    None of my neighbors know about me, i dont think *shift eyes* but i wouldn't be too surprised if they do. I go on this site outside a lot and they are always walking by, plus i throw my used nappies in a common garbage and when i have days off to my self ill usually go outside with super-poofy pants.

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    I think a woman in the condo complex accross the street from me knows. One of my XP Med orders got dropped at her appartment instead of mine (Same Unit number, wrong complex). She called me to tell me a package was delivered there and she left it on her doorstep for me to pick up that day. It hadn't been opened, but if she had looked at the lable and just did a google search for "Gary Evans XP" she would have turned up XP medical and had a pretty good guess as to what was in the box. When I went over to pick up the package I saw her peeking out the window through the blinds, I don't think she knows I saw her looking.


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    one of my neighbors kids likes to go in the backyard and smoke weed/drink without his parents knowing. I could always blackmail him if I "needed" too...say if a package got delivered to the wrong address

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyJohn View Post
    I was standing in my driveway with only a t shirt and my night time cloth diapers and plastic pants (which that morning as always were soaked) I looked over and saw my nieghbor... she just looked over and waived at me... she was very cool about it telling me that having had 2 kids she was used to seeing wet diapers in the mornings.
    Wow! I gotta say, that sounds like one of those bad dreams people have. You know, when you go to school naked. I would have been embarrassed as hell. I'm glad she was pretty cool about it. This sounds like it could have gone a lot worse, especially if the kids had noticed it. I hope they didn't, because you could become that 'crazy out-in-public diaper guy' for decades and the kids might be afraid of or grossed out by you.

    I've always worried what my neighbors would think if they saw me. When I was a teenager I used to make sure all the windows were closed with the blinds down if I was going to be wearing a diaper, even a makeshift one, as I generally didn't have diapers yet. Nowadays, I'm a little less concerned about it, but I still don't like to go parading around in a diaper for the neighborhood to see . I mean, I guess I could use the attention, but not that kind!

    I don't know what I would do if my neighbors knew about it though. I would hope they would be mature enough to let it go and not really bring it up. After all, we wave at each other and say 'Hey', but that's about it for our relationship. I guess I wouldn't care so much if they knew, but it's not something I'm willing to try, especially since it's in no way warranted. Need to know basis, etc...

    I think it would be the same way if a friend of mine found out too. If my friends were really good friends for a guy like me, they wouldn't have a problem with it. I'm accepting of all their quirks, and I would hope for them to be as accepting of me as I am of them.

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    Nobody knows and they don't need to. Sometimes I may have my windows open but it's almost impossible to see my diaper because I only stay near window short moment. I also live almost top floor and usually people don't look up when they walk to their homes.

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