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Thread: Hello, all! :)

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    Default Hello, all! :)

    Hello, I'm really excited and happy to be here. Everyone calls me 'kiddo'. I was, at one point, an avid ageplayer, but it was something my husband participated in with me because I liked it, and it was MY kink. I think he could have done without it, and when I started to pick up on him not being as into it as he would have liked me to think, I started toning down my ageplay and, eventually, I just stopped. I know he is happy, and every once in a while, we'll have a small throwback to our ageplay times. He'll say something, or, sometimes for the holidays, he'll buy me a doll or something, as if to acknowledge that aspect of me that he knew was still there.

    But it is not something he wants to actively participate with me I've grown to miss it, terribly.

    I miss the community. I miss being able to talk about cartoons I have watched or storybooks I have read. I miss being able to squeal about my new footsie pajamas, or a set of cute barrettes I bought, and I miss being able to show off a new toy. Things that my friends wouldn't understand, because none of them are ABs.

    Whenever I get into a 'little girl' kind of mindset in public, wanting to go down the toy aisles of the store and goggle over everything, or begging for a Happy Meal pitstop, my friends laugh at me and tease me, gently, but it's still teasing.

    I wish I had some RL AB friends...but barring that, I have the online community to turn to, so I'm here, and eager to meet people, and talk to other likeminded individuals in a relaxed and playful atmosphere.

    I am 23-years-old, female, and I'd say that I age regress to between 3 and 4 when I want to regress, which is a lot, but I have too many responsibilities for that. If I COULD, I would always be 3 and a half, hahah. I love to read and write and I love watching cartoons. I like Fairly Odd Parents and Olivia and Arthur. I also love scary movies. My favorite thing to do is swing on the swings at the playground and explore in the woods. I guess I'm kind of a tomboy, but I do like to get dressed up really girly and do girl stuff sometimes and I loooove playing with dolls. I also really like Puppy in my Pockets, but I prefer the original ones, not the new ones that they just came out with recently. I got a Zhu Zhu Pet hamster for Christmas! And I love it. It's name is Chunk. I also love taking pictures and videos...and I like anime and manga and cosplaying.

    I don't know what else to say about myself, ahhh, hahah. I like to drink from sippy cups and I sometimes suck on a binky when I am by myself. I have never worn diapers, but it is something that I may try one day. It's something that I've thought about before, but I just never got up the nerve to really try it.

    Okay, I think this is a pretty good introduction. I hope it isn't too much or not enough or just plain not a good intro, but I always stink at introducing myself to new people.


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    Hello kiddo xoxo Welcome to ADISC , fantastic username, and may i just say that your intro is ther best ive seen so dont worry, i love to do most of them thing's too, you sound like a really nice person, Its good to have you here and i hope you make lot's of new friend's.

    Arthur is one of my favourite's

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    Thank you so much for the warm welcome, fallout3! I really, really, really appreciate it! And I appreciate the reputation comment thingy, too.

    And I was sooo happy that Kiddo was free for a username; I always try it first everywhere I go, but it is usually already taken. I figured that this would be a site where it was DEFINITELY taken, but I got a surprise when it was free!!

    I'm excited to meet everyone; I'm probably going to lurk around on some threads before I really start posting regularly. I'm just shy in new places so I want to get a sense of this community before I dive in!

    I love D.W. and also Buster, because I have asthma, too, and I love to read joke books! I wish I had a friend like Buster!!!

    Again, thank you so much for the welcome! Everyone seems so friendly here, and I already feel pretty comfortable.


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