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    Cool Hey

    So hello to all members of this community!

    My name is needsaname (my creativity sucks, sue me :P)

    I hail from Newfoundland, Canada (Can't beat the rock) and at least as far back as seven years old I knew I had more than a passing interest in diapers. Now I am 16 and since I live in a small community, have not been able to go far beyond that interest except for a few joyous occasions. I consider myself TB/DL I think and have never told anyone of this.

    That's enough about that though, other than that I mostly enjoy video games, Hanging out with friends the usual. If anyone here is familiar with MLG I am a big fan of that, and who knows, you might even know me over there.

    I hope to assimilate well into in your little community and make some new friends as well as come to understand "this" and myself a little better.

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    Hi there, welcome to ADISC.

    A good introduction, and not too bad of a user name either. Heck, I actually like 'Needaname' as a user name, reminds me of a story I turned in early in my eighth grade year entitled "Something that Happened Someplace." Yes, I am a fan of satirically generic titles , so you hit my lame sense of humor right on the nose, here.

    I think you'll fit in quite nicely here. Hope you enjoy your stay as much as I have.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you can both enjoy its site and its supportive community and hopefully try to find a username. Maybe this will be the mission of the year: FIND NEEDSANAME A NAME! Peace and Love

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    Welcome to adisc Needsaname, i like your name its kinda cool, pretty good intro i must say im sure your going enjoy it here.

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    lol thanks everyone! I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this site and it's members throughout my time here

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