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Thread: Breastfeeding

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    Default Breastfeeding

    I think there was a thread about this in the past, but I was just wondering what everybody thinks of breastfeeding in ageplay.

    It's not my cup of tea, though it does seem like the ultimate bond of nurturing between a mother and a baby. While that makes it seem appealing, the idea of actually breastfeeding seems repulsive to me.


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    Moved to Adult baby forum - not quite the teen topic here!

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    I have always wondered what that stuff tastes like. I would never ask a girlfriend to try it but if she wanted me too I would totally be game.

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    It's one of the things I would really enjoy as a caretaker. I mean, nipple sensitivity combined with innocence ;D Or it can be non-pleasurable and just be a bonding experience. That's cute too. C:

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    Seeing actual babies nurse from their mothers bosoms is enough to give me a queasy stomach. I'm not having one crammed in my mouth.

    I'll stick to the cow juice (that's from a cold, glass bottle).

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    I have not had any in quite a while but would love to be nursed again. It is so nice to have the warm sweet milk squirt into your mouth as you suck. Breast milk is not as bad as everyone thinks it is. It is very sweet and much better than regular milk.

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    i liked the way he said not his cup of tea ...
    breast milk with your cornflakes anyone?

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    not breast milk in cornflakes! can't stand cornflakes

    i've certainly thought about it, would have to try it before i decided on weather i like it, i'm fusy about what i eat/drink.

    and feel free to twist that sentence if you want.

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