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Thread: Diaper clothes

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    Default Diaper clothes

    I am a fashion failure... My woredrobe consists of mostly clothing that would not hide diapers well. I do not own any loose pants. Could you guys show me some good clothes, as in links to pics. Thanks

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    Just buy any loose workout pants or sweatpants at a
    local department store.

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    Normal jeans can work on a boy, I've found. In fact, I've almost not noticed it on Sparky a few times and then.......awww sheet yeah. You might wanna get them in a size up than you normally wear though, and then wear a belt. It won't look weird at all.

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    If you put on the diaper decently tight, wear boxers over them, jeans, a wife-beater tucked into the jeans, and then a shirt over that, it's actually very descreet, there's no noticable bulge or crinkle. I've only tried this with depends max for men though.

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    Let's see, do you wear underwear or boxers? While both will work well, I've found that wearing 2 or more pairs of underwear will virtually kill the crinkling sound and boxer shorts will do a little of the same but are more useful for preventing diapers from poking out in the back or sides and being exposed. Try buying pants or jeans with a bit more waist size (if you don't already have any) and use a belt, get some workout and sweatpants like Nicky said, and since it's winter I'm not sure where you live but if you've got a winter jacket (or snow pants) that should be able to hide the bulge when you're outside. Wear some t-shirts that extend past your waist too. If you combine some of these shirt and pants suggestions it should hide the sound and bulk.

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    If you get some relaxed or baggy fit jeans and a belt to make sure they stay up you are good to go. Just make sure your shirt hangs low enough to cover your waist if you bend over or tuck it into you pants, not your diaper. If you want to wear really thick stuff nothing beats a trench coat.

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    If you buy some of those plastic workout pants, no one will even know you are wearing diapers. If the diapers make a noise, people will just think it's the pants making the noise. I have found that most people don't really notice anyways. It's not like they are walking around looking at everyones butt trying to guess what they are wearing. I have worn 24/7 for over 10 years now and no one has noticed!

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    I use nylon pants as my everyday wear, I really love how light they are, and they hide the noise of my plastc covered diapers and plastic pants.

    If you go to thrift stores they are under 2 bucks, I bought at least 10 pair, I really like the addias three strip pants.

    One thing to look out for is the size they tend to loose 1 size after the first time thru the dryer, one of the main reason they are at the thrift stores most people buy them right to there size.

    Cheap noisy and fast drying if you do experience a leak.

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    you can be a rebel and not care if people see your diaper.. :P but thats not gunna happen most likely

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    I've just worn a Bambino (M) to a large theme park here in Cali, I wore boxers over them and wore shorts, then jeans.

    The shorts were much more comfortable than the jeans, the jeans were a bit tighter fit and because of that, I feel that it made it harder to walk but also was good for absorbency. It was a nightmare worrying every second if i'd leak when I started to almost feel the "oversaturated" feel :x hehe! Also a bit nervewracking wondering if anyone noticed me toddling XD Fun trip though :3
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