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Thread: Music-writing 'commissions'

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    Default Music-writing 'commissions'

    Link basically did something like this. I'm ripping him off.

    I write music. I'm sort of proud to say that I'm good at it. Not awesome, yet, but good. I want to be awesome. Now, because I've posted most of my work to date on a YouTube account that I use for non-ABDL purposes, I can't link to it here, because that would leave a paper trail that could be traced back to me. However, PM me and I'll send you one of the samples.

    What I want to do is practice. I will write you a song or an instrumental or whatever, for whatever purpose, for whatever group, absolutely free. The only genre I cannot do thanks to hardware limitations is techno, and that's also the only genre that I will not be doing because I find it immensely annoying. Everything else is perfectly workable.

    If you're interested, throw ideas at me, and I'll send you back a song. I guarantee it.

    Merry Christmas, everyone, and Happy New Year.

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    Nice. I write too.
    Of course most would call it "Black Metal"...

    It's not.
    It's usually Melodic Death Metal or when I'm lazy, Metalcore.

    I just play around with riffs until I find something unique. Then I pick from a list of vocal parts I already have written, and fit it to the song.

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    Ooh, how much?

    I think i might be interested...

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    Give me a real mellow song, in the style of Jack Johnson or anyone from Brushfire Records. Something to chill to. I don't know if you'e talking lyrics or instruments or both, but I'm looking for mainly acoustic guitar soft rock, maybe with some ukulele or even bongos thrown in. Lyrics'd be cool too.

    Specific enough for you? I've been stuck for the past while trying to come up with a fresh song. The least this'll do for me is knock me out of my writer's block.
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    How about some techno.. ^__^...... J/K

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    Sounds interesting, i'm a singer and my best friends a guitarist.

    But I don't have any ideas...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaliborio View Post
    Link basically did something like this. I'm ripping him off.
    I don't think you can rip off asking for commissions. It's been going on for a very long time. Thanks for the credit though, I guess.

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    Chillhouse, your commission is currently in progress.

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    Well... I gueeeeess I could use something...

    My friend has a b-day coming up and I need to get him something, a theme song would be awesome!

    He's incredibly nerdy, a major anime/manga fan... likes flannel shirts...

    grunge or Punk would be muy fantastique

    Oh, he has a few vids on my youtube channel, gaarafan4, if you want to watch them for inspiration!

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