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Thread: Two Pairs? Three Pairs? Four?

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    Default Two Pairs? Three Pairs? Four?

    I had an idea a few minutes ago to try wearing more than one diaper at a time. I read a lot of people will double diaper, but I tried wearing four diapers at once. I love it. When I walk, I kind of waddle, just like a toddler! That's pretty cool. So now I'm lying in bed in 4 diapers, sucking on a blue paci, with a stuffed animal next to me.

    I was wondering, has anybody tried double or triple diapering?

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    I have seen this so many times before. I masturbate a lot in diapers and sometimes I double up. The most I have ever done is around 5 or 6 and I just feels like a waste after retraction period. The only thing is that I really don't feel a waddle like babies in comparison, but I can understand your question. When you try to look at a sexual perspective, it is common but when looking into the perspective of actually using diapers, most won't peek over 2 or 3 for preventing leakage.

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    In the words of BabySparky: Quadiapered. It's ridikkulus. (And adorable :3)

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    <-> let me count... started with Dora Pullups (slashed), added Pampers 7 (also slashed), then Store-brand goodnights (/'ed) (started getting a little tight there, but I was surprised with the stretch), Bambino MED (poked a few holes), Bambino LRG (no holes or /), then cloth pull-on diaper and to top it off rubber pants. So... let's see :
    1 ,2 ,3, 4, 5, 6. 6 + Rubber pants.

    I used to do that once a month, but I won't be able to again until I drop some of this winter fat from my thighs.

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    I think we nearly all have.

    The max I can do is 2, after that I get so hot that its unbearable.

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    I usually do 3, although if I'm going out, usually 1-2. I have worn 4, I think.

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    Ok, wow! That's a lot, I think the most I've done is two or three at a time. It's lots of fun with all that padding and good against leaks but you don't want to waste too many. That said, It feels awesome and all that plastic bulkiness and crinkliness feels great, padding is like a cloud, especially when I'm powdered, since the tapes on mine come undone easily it's a little tough but totally worth it. I don't think I've heard any real negatives before on it. Maybe I'll try four, once I get more though (I'm kinda all out and trying to get some Bambinos ).

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    I like it but for the most part it is a waste of diapers, I think you would need to do some serious liquid drinking and stay in the wet inner diaper too long to use all of the diapers, and most diapers are junk after 1 use even though they didn't get wet.

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    I normally wear two diapers. I'll usually double up on medium Bambinos. I only do that at home though because of the noticeable bulge. If I go out I'll wear one and a stuffer.

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