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Thread: What would you do?

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    Default What would you do?

    I am wondering what people would choose if they were in my shoes (or if you already are). I take a lot of medications, most of which are for psychological problems. Now having said that, I can tell you that I am happier than I have ever been and feel more levelheaded and balanced. But it comes at a price. I am a bedwetter and have bladder control issues during the day. I wear briefs at night and protective underwear during the day. It does not bother me anymore, but if I were to hypotheticly went off my meds and regain control, would I or anyone want to? What is more important to you, happiness and a sense of control over you life, or control of your bladder?

    I choose happiness

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    I have to choose bladder control issues. If it means happiness, and especially control over my life then yeah. Because whats life if your not happy in it? How should something like that stop you right? I think keeping my sanity is more important than my bladder functionality.

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    It just seems like the meds are there for something, and you said you're happy now.

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    I do not have bladder control issues, but I do have emotional challenges.

    Emotional challenges can be far more stressful than incontinence, and I would not hesitate to take medication in order to reach a stable place...even if it caused incontinence.

    Granted, though, I would try every available natural remedy first. I would try looking for a good Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.), especially one with a prior M.D.
    I would suppose that most natural remedies would have fewer side-effects, and I would prefer natural remedies if they would work well-enough to treat symptoms.

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    Stay on the meds, if you need diapers that is not that big of a deal as long as you are happy. Trust me, mental problems suck ass...and if the only back draw that the meds give you is incontinence, consider yourself lucky.

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    no mental issues with meds and have a perfectly good reason to wear a nappy ...
    thats a win win formula

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    Ok so i from what i hear, i am in the right. My psychiatrist is not suprised by how the meds side effects are doing. Although usually rare, i seem to be one in the minority that is affected by the combination. Oh well, i am happy and i dont give a **** so go me!

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    Hey, if you're okay with it, then it's really not that big of a deal...

    I'd choose happiness, personally; having an excuse to wear is just a plus... (Some of the time, anyway...)

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    I used to take lots of medications until I realized I needed none of them.
    Apparently I have lots of problems such as PTSD, Bi-polar, depression, etc.
    Anyway, to answer your question, I'd rather take the med-free route, they've been nothing but problems for me.

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    And that is what I wanted to know from people miles. I do think some people will be fine off their medications and have their side effects disappear. The only problem with me is that when I go off my meds I always have an incident that prompts me to go back on them. Everybody is differant. Nice post though

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