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    I was thinking of wearing maybeye 1 day a week when I go to college to keep my sanity. I was thinking of Secure Plus, or Abena Supers, or Tranquility diapers. What is most discreet/comfy. I want to be able to feel the diaper. I do not want to hear it, see it, or smell it.

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    If you don't want to smell it, don't mess. Choose the one that is the quietest (you can test yourself), and to be discreet, wear your regular underwear over the diaper.

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    I have been wearing small tranquilty atn's all day long, they fit well under clothing and take a pretty good wetting, I put one on in the morning and take it off about 4 or 5, they are totaly soaked when I take it off.

    I do suggest wearing some plastic pants, you can't alwys tell just how much they will take, I came close a few times and found the plastic pants wet inside.

    My waist is about 31", the small fits pretty good, I usually wear a medium, I use a few small peices of duct tape over the tabs for safty sake, haven't had one let go since I have been doing this, a loose diaper will leak and I don't want to take any chances.

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    When I wear in the daytime, its usually a Abena Super, they are thin and really absorbant and quiet under clothing. It normally gives me the 8-10 hours of protection I am looking for when I wear them to work. Hope this helps.

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    V discreet are Tena Ultra. Good for 2 wettings w/ cloth cover so they're virtually silent. I wear them to school all the time.

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    Abena Super Air-Plus's are my favorite. They are thick enough to know you are wearing a diaper, however thin enough to not be noticed. They're almost completely silent under a typical pair of jeans, cargo pants, etc.

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