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Thread: Plans for New Year's Eve?

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    Default Plans for New Year's Eve?

    I plan on making a big crock pot full of Buffalo wings, getting a couple of Papa Murphy pizzas, inviting over a couple of friends, and staying up until the early morning watching all sorts of gratuitously grisly horror cinema.

    No alcohol will be involved, though. I find that I have a much better time at these things when I am sober than when I am drunk.

    So, does anybody else have supercool New Year's Eve plans?

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    I'm looking for a DVD of Heavy Metal. It used to be a New Years tradition for me to watch it and get trashed. I lent my tape to a friend several years ago and she lost it. I feel the need to see it again thisc year.

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    I'm going to be working New Years day and Eve, so I don't plan to do anything that would make me not feel great for work.

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    Edinbrugh street party, with the Madness concert before it! Cannot wait! The tickets were pretty expensive, but it should be worth it

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    no clue yet... last year a diaper friend invited some of us over and we rang in the new year in diapers

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    i just found out that i've got an inflamed liver so beer is big no no for awhile ( longer the better sick of hangovers ),... i'll probably get sum weed if i can... and alot of coffee and do what i did last year which was mess around on playstation ' home '... i made sum really good friends there who i'm still friends with today .
    Sad i know

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    I'm going on a mammoth mission up to Edinburgh for a house party, not got tickets to the main street party (didn't know madness was playing) but it should still be fun, and seeing lots of friends I haven't seen for aggggggges. I just hope the weather stays semi ok :X.

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    Apparently my friends are taking me out clubbing. Most of the point is taken away from me being asexual and all, but it should still be fin.

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    I will be doing the same thing I'm do every night of the week at that time, more than likely sitting in my footed jammies and watching movies untill I fall asleep.

    When I was younger I would wait untill after all the hoopla was over to go out to a bar.

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