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    Default Hi I am Fire2box

    Well my friend Mandi told me this was a great AB/DL/TB etc etc support site. So heres my introduction.

    My name is Tim I am 20 years old turning 21 on Nov 20th this year.

    My Hobbies are Playing video games, my newest systems are My Nintendo Wii, My PSP and My Nintendo DS. I also got a ps2 and a gaming computer although I am stuck with a Geforce 6100 video card in the computer for now. I plan on upgrading it within the next year after Fable 2 comes out.

    I also watch a lot of TV and movies and have a big DVR system. The shows I watch are Lost, Prision Break, House, dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, M*A*S*H. Future Wepons, Modern Marvels, Etc. I don't watch sitcoms ever since boy meets world and home improvement were taken off air.

    As for my AB life more like a toddler still in diapers. years ago I told my mom I was a Teenbaby over the phone. I only vist her since her and my dad split up when I was around 1 or 2. Anyways she did not really freak out but she did wish I was gay and did not want to wear diapers again. About 2 years later I decided to tell both my dad and older brother in e-mail form, this was just so they would freak out about me and give me some more motivation to commit suicide.

    Thankfully I did not kill myself, I highly doubt I ever could. Anyways my dad turned out to be a bit accpecting of it and bought me a case of attends. That stoped within a year after that and now I just buy my own when I want any. My older brother was mad at me since he thought this was another of my ways of hiding from the world. I can see what he means but I wouldn't want to be a toddler all the time I do enjoy being a adult hell I even voted
    two months ago here in CA.

    My mom told my older sister about me a little after I told her I don't ever want to see her again a few years ago. My sister had no real comment about it and said shes pretty much always known which wasn't much of a suprise to me. She was always smart anyway and she said it was hard to potty train me. She was only about a year older then me. She passed away about 2 and a half years ago in a car accident only months after graduating from high school.

    She lived with my mom, our moms boyfriend and our little half brother. Ever since then I been pretty close with my mom and I now try to support her and my little half brother even more then ever and I like my moms boyfriend more now. I don't think I could live with them but I vist when I can which is hard to do since they live on the coast of Oregon more then 600 miles away from my city in California.

    So really thats about it, I am currently trying to figure out what to do with my life theres just so many options to chose from.

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    Yay! Fire! You posted an intro! You better stay active now.

    Welcome, ADISC is awesome, and you'll love it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    Yay! Fire! You posted an intro! You better stay active now.

    Welcome, ADISC is awesome, and you'll love it here.
    Its really cool so far and i been here like what less then a hour. But its better then the old forum we used to go to. Well I'll still check that one out too but this has a overall better layout.

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    Welcome to adisc. You must be great if Mandi knows you. I suggest you post some. Have a great time.

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    I am sorry to hear about your sister, my condolences go out to you and your family.

    Anyways welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

    Please feel free to post anytime you would like and to ask for any qeustions, advice or support you might need.

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