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Thread: Bedwetting and Sleep APena

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    I have severe sleep apena in that when tested I wake up on theaverage 89 times per hour because I stop breathing. I started using my CPAP Machine about 3 years ago and am sleeping better, but on nights I get deep sleep, I soak the bed. I have dealt with this by wearing abena xplus at night and they usually hold up well enough for me. The problem is I am now starting to notice that when I get the urge to go during the day, I have to immediately find a restroom or I stated to wet a little and also after I finish I notice wet spots in my underwear like I am leaking afterwards. I went to my dr the other day and asked for a referal to see a Urologist for the bedwetting but didn't mention the changes I am having during the dy to him.
    Any I deas?

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    From what you said your happenings in the day looks like shouldent be happening. Go ahead and tell your urologist the new developments so you can get looked at and get treated if you want to that is.

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    Kind of like what I deal with. I take a plethora of medications for mental and physical purposes and have night time wetting problems. Now during the day I am also wetting because i cannot get to a bathroom fast enough. I am 28 and have looked into what is causing this and its my meds once again. I think the condition is called urge incontinence. I will even pee a little if I cough, laugh or sneeze. I have talked to my doctor and he wants to put me on detrol(?). I am not interested in any more medications however. So on top of the full size briefs I wear at night, I also wear Tena for men absorbent underwear during the day. I have no problems since they are discreet and work very well, from minimal leaking to a full on accident. Its not the end of the world for me though.

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