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Thread: First time in six months!

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    Default First time in six months!

    I got some money for Christmas, which means I will be able to do something I have not done in the last six months.

    Which is - order a case of diapers!

    I ran out of diapers about six months ago, and due to a general lack of funds, have been unable to pick any more up. Well, I suppose I could have picked more up if I wanted to live off a steady diet of Top Ramen and tap water, but somehow the appeal of healthy food was too strong for me to resist.

    Never tried Bambinos, but I think I'll pick up a two-diaper sampler from them to figure out which size I should get before springing for a case from them. I did lose a significant amount of weight since I last wore a diaper, after all.

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    yay! enjoy wetting that first diaper, I know it will feel incredible

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    Kind of the opposite for me, I budgeted my money bad on christmas eve last minute shopping and am kind of broke for a while =/ Hoping to get some money before the end of January though. Gratz on being able to afford diapers again, I'm sure the first will feel amazing.

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