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    I started working out at the Y about this time last year.

    I usually do an hour-long cardio workout twice a day (which usually involves jogging on the treadmill set on intervals that change the incline from steep to not-so-steep). And a weight routine every other day (I started that part a couple of months ago).

    A little over 40 lbs lost in one year. I'm rather impressed with that, if I can say so without sounding too terribly arrogant or conceited about it. I still have more weight I want to lose (I was on Risperdal for several months, and that drug brought me up to 300 lbs when I was on it - nasty stuff, indeed), but I am off to a good start. I think if I get down to 210, that will be a good weight for my height (which is over 6 feet).

    Does anybody else here work out on a regular basis?

    Starting off this routine was the hardest part. Now that I have done it every day for some time, I can't imagine quitting.
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    I swim and lift weights since I can't run. (Or walk well, for that matter, since my left leg from the knee down is pretty much numbed and stiffened.) I would get into wrestling since my larger frame is perfect for that, but I can't, sadly, because of my leg. But, for now, I try to make my arms, core, left thigh, and right leg stronger.

    Man, I can relate to you on a Risperdal. I was given it in late June because of my leg issue. (Won't go on about it, people thought I was insane for wanting my leg amputated.) I told the nurse practitioner that I didn't want to gain any weight, so she gave me Risperdal. I only took it for about two weeks and it made me EXTREMELY sick and I gained a crapload of water weight. Turns out she gave it to me because she had issues with her own body, and thought I was arrogant. Needless to say, she got fired for malpractice and making senseless judgements about me, comparing my BIID to schizophrenia. (Truth is that it's more of a Transgender-type issue, y'know, being born in a body that doesn't fit who you are.)

    /rant. Just had to say that I relate to you a bit. Happy exercising! Don't get too buff now! That's my job!

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    I used to walk 4 miles a day, but it got my bad leg hurting way too much to continue, so I eat right to maintain my weight, like you I put weight on after taking a drug but for me the 30 lbs I put on was way too much for my height.

    I lost the weight over the past few years, and maintain it within 5 to 8 lbs, if you want to stay slim you need to watch what you eat and count calories.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I do aerobic exercises 3-4 times per week. In the winter, I'll hit the gym and do the treadmill, stairmaster, and/or elliptical machine. In summer, I'll usually do bicycling or walking outdoors.

    I'm a little overweight, but not terribly so. I'd actually like to be the correct weight. Good luck, eh?

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    my morning workout consist's of fag an a cup of coffee for breakfast,..
    or a joint if i'm lucky,
    then followed by looking funny papers ( with a MC breakfast ,... if i manage to rise before 11am )
    WHY does mcdonalds stop serving breakfast after 11am ???
    breakfast should be whenever - mmmmm mcbreakfast

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    oh and i weigh 8 stone, got the lungs of a 12yr old,.. and a wash board stomach,
    i do a great deal of walking ( not that lazy ),.. i'm just one of those fortunate ones who needs very little exercise or effort ,.. high motabilizm ( spelt that wrong )

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    Wasn't this a topic about YMCA? I have never subscribed to the one that used to be in m,y community (they closed it down). I am taking a weight training class in school in which I am still trying to progress in the class (can only bench press like 120 pounds with the bar by itself). All I am thinking is whether I should extend the class to next semester as well. I am scheduled to take Culinary Essentials.

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