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    Default A simple Request,

    i have no doubt that this question has been asked a trillion times already and i've also no doubt that there is links somewhere on this site...
    well i'm relatively new here and so far have everyone to be very honest and up front - which is Great
    Anywho,.. on to my request, where could i buy a plain ( no prints ) onesie?
    i've tried ebay but didn't like the look of them ( surprisingly not alot on offer either), i'd like to buy it New! if even possible tailor-made , i'm a real thin build dude - 7' an half stone.
    i live in ireland by the way ( so for obvious reasons somewhere here in europe ).
    Again sorry for the rant - i'm sure you guys can help

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    XPMedical has plain white Onesies made by Abena called a Body Stocking.

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    Oops I missed the Europe part. Just google Abena Body Stocking. I'm sure there is a few stores online that sells it.

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    My first onesies came from but I had not visited their web site for some time. Hi from under!

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    cheers mate,
    i'll check it out,
    wot wud an ausie doctor say ' yeah, sure,.. no worries, yeah, sure .. no worries ,.... next'

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    Cosyndry do some plain polo necked onesies, good for being discreet.... Cosy n Dry: Adult Onesie polo collar 220 gsm cotton

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    Babykins has nice plain onsies: Adult Clothing - Urinary Incontinence Products

    They are aware and ship discrete, I have a blue one and a white one from them.

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