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Thread: Do adult sized Starbunz or Bumkins exist?

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    Default Do adult sized Starbunz or Bumkins exist?

    Well, I searched, (and spent about 2 hours reading interesting threads -- you guys and girls rock!) but Haven't found out if adult sized diapers like these:

    Cloth Pocket Green All In One Diapers Animal Diaper Covers Inserts Cloth Training Pants Thirsties Duo Wrap, Meadow, Size Two 18-40 lbs: Baby

    exist in adult form.
    Now, I have found a product that is shaped and fitted, with snaps, that resemble these. But really, I'm looking for the baby style with velcro straps. I've seen them in certain *ahem* Japanese videos... does anyone know if they can be had by mere mortals?

    -Edit again. As CuteGaachan points out, LuvsGurl has a lovely diaper cover. While I plan to get a few to use with disposables, I would love to find a full overnight diaper in the same style.

    -Edit again, again-- I was sent to here : I'm going to try the velcro youth large and report here once I try them.
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    Ask LuvsGurl, she makes them herself!

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    Oh yes! I've seen her site. I hope to order a custom happy bear print when I get settled in a bit. -Thanks, BTW for the direction towards her site-
    It doesn't look like she makes an overnight diaper though. That's the holy grail that I'm looking for.

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    Keep searching, and watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail, it shall keep you entertained!

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    i would so say go to LUVSGIRL for your diaper needs - i own 3 of her diapers and couldnt be more happier.... i would totally suggest them to anyone.

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    I haven't run across anything like starbunz, but there is a guy at who will make diapers for you he does them with velcrow closures.

    I have a few in some cute patterns, but I need to warn you they take hours and hours to dry, even outside on a hot sunny day they take forever and still feel damp, in the dryer it is no better.

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    diapernew2, and ballucanb,
    I'll check with LUVSGIRL to see her diapers, and search through etsy too.
    ballucanb, di the diapers that you're taking about tend to keep odor too? or do they just stay damp after a wash? -sounds like they are REALLY absorbant? are they?

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    For anyone looking, Here is what I've found so far:

    Adult Cloth Diapers - KINS Products

    Custom Made Fitted Diaper by SecretRoom on Etsy (from adisc's own LUVSGIRL)

    I'll combine sites in the wiki when I complete my search. I hope to have an extensive report after the new year :p

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