Add me if you want: DakotaSNS

Just so I know where you're adding me from just put the word "ADISC" into a message and send it with the invite. Not like anyone in the family will know what that means. And if they do they got some splainin' to do.

Anyway, the reason for the post. I've been off Xbox Live since mid-August, but hadn't been using it in a while. I got hooked on World of Warcraft. Anyway I stopped playing around end of September I think and I had no competitive multiplayer for October until yesterday :O. If it had just been a short break I wouldn't mind, but most games have been updated so they are completely different (original L4D and the beat-down rules >.<). I'm also really rusty at my old favorites (Cage Match CoD4 with a P90, dead silence, stopping power, and claymores on Shipment = Heaven). I also don't know the maps at all for MW2 so I'm a complete n00b . MW2 doesn't even have Cage Match though. It has some over-the-shoulder 1-on-1 that pisses me off. I don't like team Deathmatch because I'm unlucky. 9/10 times someone gets a predator missile I spawn where it's already aimed. Not exaggerating at all. I usually wait until I get Cage Match and then I bring my K/D ratio to about 1.5 (nothing to brag about, but enough to make me not feel like selling the game because I suck).

My question to all you ADISCers out there. You ever gone a long period without gaming (or anything actually) and when you tried to start it up again it was all awkward and you felt like the annoying little brother that has to keep asking how things work?

This was kind of long. Hopefully this thread doesn't flop, like my others.