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    Default Well Hello...

    Set up an account many moons ago and lurked on and off so, guess I should say hi really...

    I'm 30s and live in West Yorkshire, UK, and work all over.

    Enjoy anything outdoors, inc cycling, running, walking etc...

    Nappies(Diapers)-wise have weak bladder (what a great term the Doc's use there) and so been using them since I was young for nights/journeys/trips etc... and as a commuter on packed trains (gotta love the UK public transport system).

    Er that's it I think, very boring


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    Hay there Caram!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Many Dr.'s have a twisted sense of humor, and I think part of the nomenclature they come up with reflects this? Either they're saying something in Latin that makes absolutely NO sense to us lay-folk, or they spout-off with something silly like 'weak bladder', trying to make us feel even worse?

    Anyways, nice to see you, and hope you enjoy yourself here.


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    Hi Caram,

    Welcome to ADISC from someone also in their 30s, and also in West Yorkshire!

    I guess if you've been lurking since March, you'll have a pretty good idea of what it's like here, but hope you enjoy your time on here, now that you've been upgraded from a lurker to a newbie!


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