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    I've been a DL for about eight years now, and have just never gotten invoved in a community. I've been contemplating more and more often attempting to become fully incontinent, but the jump is more difficult than just staying recreational (not to mention more expensive!). I am also a service member; that makes things considerably more difficult. Maybe others are in my plight; if so I hope to hear from them. If not I hope to learn a lot anyways, and hopefully make some aquaintences that share this unique interest. Outside of that, I love hi-fi, cars, wine/spirits, and fine dining. That's the basics.

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    ok, let's start with the obvious. DON'T TRY BECOMING INCONTINENT! there is a wiki on it I think. Read it.

    Other than that, welcome to the forum. What kind of fine dining do you mean? Like I like lobster, crab legs, foods like that. What cars do you like?

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    Welcome To ADISC !!!

    Yeahh ill have to second what DLDisturbed said, becoming incontinent is no joke, a serious issue that could have repercussions through out your entire life that wouldn't necessarily be enjoyable.

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    Thanks for the advice... an no-brainer really, I suppose. In answer to DLDisturbed, I'm enjoy quality Italian restaurants, as well as French and Neo-American cuisine. I drive a Porsche and a Mercedes, hence the screen name, and I'm a fan of just about anything European or classic American.

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    Audi-do! Vee Double [hugz] You! anyway enough of that... Nice to meet you; we have other service-people too... and as to the incon thing, it's a common fantasy, but we'll leave it at that...

    Here's something BOTH european and classic American:

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy it here and our supportive community! Peace and Love

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