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Thread: Why Are Pacifiers Hollow?

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    Default Why Are Pacifiers Hollow?

    Why are they? Does the give of the gap put less wear on the teeth? (You can blame the 'Silicone Paci' thread for my inquisitiveness).

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    Yeah. That's the reason, pretty much. Pacifiers used to be made with a bulbous teat whereby the air was trapped in and teat didn't collapse when squeezed. You can still get those, sometimes. They're often the cheaper ones these days.

    New innovations have included a compressable teat which gets less in the way of tooth development than the older type. There is also research into the development of the shape of the mouth in babies which gives reasons for various other shaped teats being on the market. (E.g. the wedge shape teats, on pacifiers such as NUK, that simulate the shape of the nipple in a breastfeeding baby's mouth.) Kids would sometimes have a arch shape worn out of their front teeth from constant and long-term sucking on a pacifier or their own thumb. Teeth would also stick out around it.

    I think also, that although these health risks were real, manufacturers will advertise strongly anything that makes their product sell. Pacifiers began to get a negative stigma, so making innovations to remove the reasons for this stigma would increase sales as well as being benefitial to kids.

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    Wow, you learn something everday. I always did wonder why they were made like that. Thanks for the info Elli.

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    Back in the mid-1980s there was a paci with solid silicone, bulbous teat. I know because we bought one for our daughter who was a baby back then. She did have a hollow silicone paci which needed replacing and she was picky at her young age about what kind of replacement pacis we bought - it had to look pretty much the same as the old one being replaced or she'd fuss. The store only had a solid silicone paci like her old one when we needed to buy the replacement. It was funny because the first time she put it in her mouth, she popped it back out and looked at it again. The solid paci felt different to her but looked identical to her old, hollow one. After scrutinizing it a little and seeing it looked the same as her old one, she put it back in her mouth and didn't give it another thought.

    Knowing what we do today, we would have looked for another identical hollow one for the reasons Elli mentioned.


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