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    Hi, this is Boyfriday. I now live in Barstow. I am a middle aged male DL looking for others to play with. I spend a lot of time working on cars. I have a work at home type of job and frequently find myself diapered.

    I basically straight and would love to find a mommy type. But, this is a small community and would love to meet anyone older than 35. I have a strong interest in age play, role play and BDSM. In short, I do like to play.

    I do get around and spend a lot of time in the inland empire region. I would love to meet you!

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    Hey Terry, welcome aboard The Disc.

    You'll probably want to try to establish yourself a bit before you start asking for ageplay and such. Not a lot of people are into that here. For better or worse, the ADISC community is more about discussion of AB/DL stuff as opposed to roleplay and ageplay.

    Also, if you're looking for someone you can be with in person, ADISC probably isn't the place for you. We discourage such solicitation in the interests of minors on the site and because people here in general are very wary of in-person meet-ups, instead preferring to keep things online where they should be (in the opinion of many people here).

    So in short, watch your step here and keep things online until you're established. ADISC is a discussion forum, not a dating site.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 51terry View Post
    Hi, this is Boyfriday. I have a work at home type of job, am a straight middle aged male DL, I spend a lot of time working on cars..
    Well plaudits and props to you for honesty. But note the words of Danny above. His points, though briefly stated, are really important to understand; including that you are surely as welcome on ADISC as ever - but that some of your motives we do not serve.

    I have edited your intro post for you, leaving in what would be suitable for an intro to ADISC; of that there are two points you might expand on, and talk about in more detail, to help us get to know you as a person...

    I have a work at home type of job
    , - what sort? You needn't give personally identifying info, but it would be interesting to know if you are an online tutor, car restorer, sculptor of wood, builder of websites, or what-have-you; I am sure you have interesting things to say about it.

    I spend a lot of time working on cars..
    - you are a restorer? hotrodder? modder? What do you work on for fun? Old American Iron? English Sports Cars? Military Vehicles?

    We all here have something to do with recreational diapering/ageplay, that's a given; it's all the rest of you that we find most interesting.
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