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Thread: Captain Obvious Time: The One Constant

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    Default Captain Obvious Time: The One Constant

    I know this will come off as an obvious statement, but I had quite an epiphany (because it's all I can do on the overnight shift...).
    The one constant is that we have all had contact with diapers directly, either by physical contact or close proximity; not by advertisement or media form. For most of us we've stated that we've noticed this connection in either one, two, or both age stages: 4 to 6 years and ~8 to 14 years of age. Even though diapers are not always considered a sexual outlet to all of us, the connection to them seems to touch on the two key areas of when body produces vast amounts of hormones (i.e. puberty) combined with ease of access to such devices (family daycare, younger siblings, etc.).
    Lastly, I'm not posting this in order to kitty corner any one of us. I'm more interested in the psychological connection to physical properties around us as a whole.

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    I've got no idea what you're asking...But I assume you're asking if it was a psychological or physical thing that attracted us, right? I'll answer that question, since that's what I think you were asking. For me, it was kind of both. Around the age of 8, I noticed I had a rather large interest in diapers. Mainly an interest that was about how much easier diapers would be. I mean, what 8 year old wants to stop every few hours to go to the bathroom, when you can just do it right there without ever leaving what you're doing? So, I suppose that was the psychological attraction, and I didn't really have a physical attraction to their feel or smell or anything, since I didn't get the chance to feel one or smell them or anything. I think that's what you were asking, so there!

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    Griz: for the most part, yes. I'm looking for any insight on this topic whatsoever. So if anyone can support, debunk, or comment any experiences to my theory please do so.

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    There was some things that child developement psychologists such as Piaget or Fowler have written that might be relevant. Such as the toddler stage of 'autonomy vs shame'.

    There was one or two things I wrote in the past on other threads that I've linked here as, to be honest, it was enough mental effort to write them the first time! They might be relevant, or not.

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    well the psychological attachment for me was the comfort and security i got from it.
    i remembered that when kids at my school had an accident they would be put in diapers (was preschool to year 7 school). so when i started wetting the bed i decided to get myself some. after that, when i didn't wet the bed so frequently i wet the bed on purpose to get diapers just for the comfort and emotions that i attached to diapers.
    i hope that answers any questions you asked.
    when i got my first diapers i was around 11-12 yrs old

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    An interesting thread/theory... but it wasn't quite the same for me. I didn't get actual nappies until I was 18 or so, when I had access to a debit card to buy the good ones :P.

    When I was younger I was a bit scared of growing up and kept a hold of my childhood for as long as possible I slept with a stuffed animal all through growing up (until about 19 actually when he got thrown away by my parents :/, didn't take me long to get another teddy through :X), used to play with him far longer then is considered "normal" and just generally try not to be responsible :P. I have a sister who's a couple of years younger then me, and I think that caused my "abism", she came along just around the time I was being potty trained (I'm guessing, no memories of being that young really) and I think that switch of focus for the whole family might have had a lasting effect.

    As for nappies, I remember at a rather young age of finding the effect of using towels in undies to simulate the feel of one, and used this for a long time as a substitute for the real thing. Don't know what you'd count that as? A sort of direct contact?

    The need was there before puberty, and I think puberty and its effects kind ended up mingling with the whole infantilism thing. There is a sexual element for me, but it's usually overcome by the whole little mindset I go into. I think the sexual thing is more to do with embarrassment/humiliation and someone having power over me (even if it is a loving caring power).

    Now that I'm a grown up (of sorts) I have embraced my older self, and let my little self out to play when needed. This lets me act responsible, mature, etc in my adult life, whilst letting that need not to grow up out in a safe (and fun :P) manner.
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    I still rather vividly remember getting up one morning and Mom yelling, "Danny! Get down here, I have a surprise!" and hurriedly going into my 2-year-old brother's room and trying (unsuccessfully) to put a diaper on before Mom came up and woke me up herself.


    Your theory is a definite possibility for me - I mean, pretty much the entire time until I was 12 or 13, we were buying diapers for some reason or another because of how my siblings are distributed in age (one is 3 and a half years younger than me, the other 7 and a half). Diapers were thus always in the house.

    That said, I think your theory might be too broad. It's completely normal for a 4-8 year old to see diapers all the time because of their younger siblings. If your theory were all-encompassing, wouldn't we have a lot more infantilists in the world? Just a thought.


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    I was very impressed with Elli's posts on this subject, and her reference to Paiget. I still am. For me there were two epiphanies. The first was when I was 4 years old. Strangely, I can remember it clearly. I was walking through the house saying "dah-dah, dah-dah" over and over again. My mom told me to cut it out. Finally she said, "I still have your diapers from when you were a baby. Do you want me to put you in them!" My brain suddenly clicked, and I so wanted to be put in them, but we were having company coming over, and I would have been mortified, so I said no.

    The second great epiphany was when I was 12 or 13. My parents were going out for the evening and leaving me home. All I could think about was wetting my underwear, which I did. That started it. I would wet and hide underwear any chance I got. I got away with this nonsense until my senior year in college.

    The problem is that none of these feelings give much insight as to why. I think the idea of autonomy vs. shame comes very close. If you read the Deeker stories, there always is some "shame" angle. Typically we were shamed while potty training. "You want to be a big boy/girl, don't you?" Who knows what kind of lasting impression this has left on us. As for me, I spent a lot of my first 2 years in an adoptive agency/orphanage as my birth parents didn't want me. Who knows what damage was done? There always are reasons, but they almost always are elusive.

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    For me i remember my first year in pre-school when there was this kid who always smelled like pee i thought. He must have been diapered but i never put that together until years afterwards but the smell intrigued me enough to take an interest in him, every time i said why does it smell like pee over here he would move away or do something else.. i didn't realize why i was curious about this until way later

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    I just like them!


    (My shrink asks the same questions.)

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