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    hi I am 16 and am looking to find a diaper that will parents snoop the mail so it is all stores for me I am 155lbs and wear a 32 waist pants.the bigest size pullup or goodnights are too small and today I bought the cvs brand pullup depends and they be too big around waist legs....I NEED help findin one that will fit

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    it sounds like a medium of most diapers would fit you. maybe a small for some..

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    If you like pull-up look for Tena, they are about the only ones in regular stores that have a real size small. Diapers with tapes are called "fitted briefs" and if you bought the regular small/medium sized one you could make it fit. If you can't order stuff your best bet to find good diapers is a medical supply store. They will probably have all sizes from youth to bariatric and better brands than what drug stores carry.

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