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Thread: WoW Furry Guild

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    Default WoW Furry Guild

    I have created a guild on:
    Realm: The Exodar
    Faction: Alliance
    Please message me, Carkwelor if you want in.

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    Sorry, not on that server, and not a furry, but good idea, and hope it goes well.

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    there used to be a giant group of babyfurs that played wow together in a guild ....... but that was like a year ago and i have no idea what specifics
    but they were all furs i met on SL at the time so yeah they are out there by leaps and bounds just have to find em

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    I will be making a character by the same name in the link in my sig, but as either A) A rogue or B) a mage.

    either human or dreanei.

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