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Thread: A rather nondescript introduction title.

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    Talking A rather nondescript introduction title.

    So, after having lurked, and left, and lurked some more, It's about time to introduce myself.

    The name says Janus, and If you want to know any of my other names, a good way to find out would be to get to know me better (I'm not yet ready to connect this part of my life with the life I live offline... maybe when I'm older.)

    I'm seventeen, but if you met me on the street you wouldn't know it. I look like I'm in my early or mid twenties.

    I live in the free state of New Hampshire, and loving it here. I do spend a lot of time on the PC, but when I do get out, I enjoy walking and hiking through the woods. I spend a fair amount of my time playing video games of all sorts, mostly older games and nothing too new (You won't see me playing CoD:MW2 any time soon.).

    My hobbies range from writing to programming, and a many things in-between. I'd have to say I get the most enjoyment out of making people feel better, and I also get the least enjoyment out of failing to make people feel better.

    I'm a bit reclusive, bordering on what one might consider an otaku. I enjoy reading both fantasy novels and manga. I'm not very social when I'm not online, due mostly to an issue I have with my peers: Most of them are what I'd consider highly ignorant of others. I don't take well to people that ignore everything but their own feelings.

    I like many kinds of music, though I'm disinclined to listen to rap and country music. In my opinion, one is far too extreme and/or vulgar in it's presentation, and the other is simply too..... I don't quite know why I don't like country music, actually.

    As for my forum name, I've started to use it for two reasons. First one being is that I'm fond of a certain character from the game "Chrono Trigger", and his younger self(for those of you that haven't played or beaten it) is named Janus. The other reason is that I like the roman god Janus (The god of gateways and the beginning and end).

    One of the most important things in my opinion, is the ability to accept others for what they are. If you can't openly do that, then you'll probably have a hard time getting along with me. There is only one thing that I don't condone, and that's intentionally hurting others. Those are pretty much the only things that I can't stand.

    Overall, a good short description of me would be "Wise and all-accepting"

    Oh yeah, this is an A/B-esqe forum, so for anyone who wants to know, I'm an A/B and a D/L amongst many other things. If you really want to know more about that side of me, bring it to the PMs or another thread, not the intro forums.

    My apologies if I seemed "all over the place" in my introduction. I don't think that I'm especially good at explaining, and or, describing things to people.

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    I think you wrote a great introduction. Since you've lurked here before, you must have a good idea as to what the site has to offer. I think one almost has to be open minded to be on this kind of site, so I think you will find many others who think similarly. Welcome!

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