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Thread: How big is a case of 96 diapers?

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    Default How big is a case of 96 diapers?

    If I was to order a case of 96 Secure Plus diapers how huge would the box be?
    I would not want to order a case and have no earthly idea where to put it. I should be living at home when I go to college.

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    The boxes XP Medical sent me for both my order of 36 Abriform X-Pluses and 80 Abrifrom Extras were the same size.
    The least it'll do is give you an estimate of what to expect.
    Let me measure one for you.

    Edit: Alright, the box I measured is 24" long, 15" high, and 15.5" in depth (top of the box to the back of to box in case I'm wording it wrong)
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    I buy both Attends Youth and Breathable Small by the case of 96. These cartons are 19.5" long, 13.0" wide and 19.5" high.

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    Really big....

    Depends on the type though. Thickness is a large factor...

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    if your going to try to hide the box, the box will be way to big, unless, maybe you could throw a table cloth over it and used it as a night stand, although that might look a little suspicious

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