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Thread: Is this normal?

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    Default Is this normal?

    Not to make a big deal about this, but I'm wondering if this is something other people experience.

    After I go the bathroom and leave, more urine comes out. I don't think I'm completely emptying, even though I can't go anymore. It's not a matter of wiping enough. It's just that after I put my clothes back on, I can tell my boxers have been wet. It's not a lot at all, never enough to go through my pants.

    Thank you for reading, please post.

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    It's not normal, but it's not completely abnormal...It just sounds like you aren't emptying out your bladder completely...There is a special term for it, but I can't remember what it's called...It may be best to look it up on WebMD

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    Me too, I thought it was Called Overflow Incon, although its not the "normal" type of it.

    1/10 guys have it.

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    It's happened to me quite a lot actually, however I wouldn't go so far as to label it incontinence. After you're done peeing, just relax your bladder muscles a bit. Maybe you're just too tense while you're in the urination process. That's what helped me fix it.

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    I am not very sure, but when asking people on a forum, take it with a grain of salt, because it really is like getting the opinion of a cracked up doctor. Not saying that people will always be wrong when posting back, but just that if you are genuinely concerned, go see a doctor and tell your parents. If it is something medical, you should not be embarrassed.


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    It's incon, just a small part of it, a part of Overflow incon is Not emptying completely.

    It doesn't bother me any.

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    It may be related to the anatomy of your bladder, i.e. it depends on exactly where the exit of your bladder is located and what position you're in when peeing.
    Maybe try a different position when peeing and see if the problem persists. Or try to be in less of a rush and just remain there for an extra few seconds and see if you can drain whatever is left in the 'pipes' before putting your clothes back on.

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    Hah... I'm a girl and this happens to me. I wouldn't think it's very normal for girls... I wonder if it's a bad thing? I'm not gonna die am I ?

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    Have you tried tightening and relaxing your muscles again once you are "finished"?? That usually helps to get the last bit out.

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    Yes, and no matter how I move my muscles, or how long I wait, it just seems to leak out a bit later, and the only way I notice is when I feel that I'm wet.

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