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    To all the lovely ladies and their partners on this forum: might I have some advice on finding a well-fitting diaper? I've done a thread search, and 1) most of the discussions I've found have been about male sizing, and 2) most of the sizes I've seen discussed haven't been consistent with my measurements. I'm a bit concerned about how well my girly derriere is going to fit into the standard model. My explorations with diapers have been chiefly stuff I've made at home, and I've been hoping to move into something a bit more conventional (and hopefully more comfortable!).

    My waist and hip measurements are 28/39 (in inches), and my thighs are 21 inches at the top. Most of the adult diaper sizes I've seen start a bit larger than this, but I'm not sure how high the waistband goes, or how much hip space is allowed (that is, should my "waist" be lower on the hips than I'm likely to be measuring?). I've noticed that a lot of diapers only specify waist size, thigh measurement, and/or overall weight. I'm concerned about leakage with the waist/hip difference, and I'm not sure how much stretch tends to be present. I'm fairly muscley (I lift weights pretty seriously), so there's not a lot of "squish" factor around my thighs and hips, making sizing potentially more of an issue than it would be otherwise. Would I be better off going for cloth diapers? Or can anyone recommend me a brand or model that's more consistent with my sort of shape? Thanks so much!

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    Man, you have the curvy muscle disease too? (You'll never beat my 29/43 waist/hip ratio and gigantic muscle thighs though! ;D)

    When getting diapers for your specific body type, I'd recommend going for whatever size corresponds with your hips. It should also have at least two tapes on each side so you can make the diaper fit more snugly around your curves. Make sure it has leak guards, too. That's important when you have a woman's legs.

    May I suggest the Molicare Super Plus in the large size? They're purple, have two tapes that work pretty well, and have nice leak guards.

    (Note: I don't wear, but my boy does. From what I've seen of the Molicares (which is pretty much a lot), they'll probably be well-suited to your needs. Cloth is great, too, especially if you can sew and make your own diapers that fit perfectly to your body.)

    Maybe contact LuvsGurl on here. She makes and sells some custom cloth diapers, and might be able to hit you up with something. She's curvy as well, and will probably have more advice on this subject than I do.

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    Kay, well I'm pretty huge, and I have 11" between my waist and hips. Which I'm thankful for, if I'm going to be chubby, at least I have shape.

    For diapers, go by your hip measurments when buying, not your waist. If the diaper reaches high enough so that it reaches your waist, whcih some do, then you're just going to position the tapes differently. You can't put them all accross straight. For me, if there is three tapes, the tape at the bottom I have to position pointing up, the middle tape goes straight across, and the top tape gets pointed down for a snug fit. I get a wrinkle or buckle between them but it's the best way to wear them, I've found.

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    Okay, so it looks like you're both saying to do a waist=hips conversion... so I'd be looking for a diaper in the 39" waist range, right? s4u, I should point out that I have 11" between my waist and hips, too...

    I'd prefer to go with cloth, since I have multiple skin allergies, but I haven't found a lot of leads... I'll definitely see if I can chat with LuvsGirl (thanks for the reference, NeiNei). I assume in that case that leak guards would be plastic pants; fortunately, I'm probably not going to put diapers to heavy use (sorry for the TMI) so I doubt that will be so much of a problem.

    Thanks to both of you; that helps a lot.

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    For girls, usually you go with Hip size.

    If you want, I can send you a sample of Wellness Medium to try. Let me know.

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