Hello everyone, I am a returning user. I used to go under the name bmaster1500, but thought id get myself an actual neat username like BubbleGum! I am 19 and I live in Alberta. I have been into baby things since I was about 12, but it stems way further than that.

When I was seven, I would go to my friend's place, and she had a brother who was in diapers still(the plastic pampers). She would often diaper me(over my clothes) when we would play house.. We got caught and were told not to play with diapers again.

fast forward to 2003, I was in grade 7 and this girl who I liked, and her friend would always go around sucking on soothers.. I would always ask her friend why the hell she did it, and she just laughed..they did that all the time right up until grade eight... A lot of girls in my school did it, until my vice principal had an assembly and made it against the dress code to suck on "baby" soothers during school hours...She condemned these girls for doing so... I felt bad.

any questions? ask away...nice to be here!