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Thread: how to get the floral design on goodnites?

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    Default how to get the floral design on goodnites?

    Hi, I am looking over all the major supermarkets in my region, walmart, meijer, walgreen,etc.. But I couldn't find the floral design for goodnite girl. All of the product out there is in butterfly design. Does anyone know where I can get the floral design?

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    I don't know entirely, someone else may be able to help more, but just a few thoughts...

    Is there more than one design in the same packet?
    Is there both (Huggies) GoodNites and (Pampers) UnderJams available where you live, and if so, might the floral design be on a different branded product?

    In the UK, we get DryNites (same as GoodNites) and the larger size has different patterns to the smaller size.

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    the same design in goodnites, but there are 2 design in underjams. I check the different size, but still has the same pattern

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    If you want to go through all the packs, there's a window on the side showing you the design.

    I think you're talking about a slightly newer design that has fewer butterflies, but still a few. You might be out of luck if the stores sell few and are slow to restock, or have many in a warehouse. EBay may yield something, but ymmv.

    Oh, and make an intro thread so we can get to know you better

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    I'm not sure what you mean by the floral design... apart from making them thinner yet again this year, the designs on the boys ones were definitely different from last year's look - namely, in the presence of a print that emulates normal tighty-whities as well as less saturated colors and a more minimalistic design on the back.

    As for the girls ones, the website describes them as "floral and butterfly" designs but the picture seems to show more butterflies than flora. Maybe this means that they alternate between prints now? I'll see if I can get a picture of last year's boys design versus this year's for the wiki.


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    I'm confused, I've been to Hong Kong, and I don't remember seeing any of those stores there. I know they carry Goodnites at Wellcome, though. It may just be a regional thing, or the turnover there isn't high enough for them to have received a new pattern. Or, its an older pattern that is now discontinued.

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    Draw flowers on them?

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    Goodnites changes their designs from time to time... The ones you want are discontinued. I would check ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcviper View Post
    I'm confused, I've been to Hong Kong, and I don't remember seeing any of those stores there.
    Do they even have the patterned boy and girl Goodnites there? I have seen some pics on a blog showing the white unisex ones fairly recently.

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    those are discontinued unfortunately.
    and DAMN pampers why JUST get pampers into australia only to ONLY sell them in coles and not woolworths, and to only bring over sizes 1-6, and NO underjams T_T

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