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Thread: Anyone like to draw babyfurs? (request)

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    Default Anyone like to draw babyfurs? (request)

    I am looking for an artist who wants to take on the request of making my babyfur fursona. I dont care if its just a sketch. I dont care if its colored or not. but i will have colors just incase someone wants to color him.

    Now for the info

    1. Name: Kokuei - Kuei for short
    2. Species: wolf
    3. Age: 2-3yrs old
    4. Fur color and markings: there are his colors. // he has yellowish fur, and red paws with red flame markings going from his ankles up to just below the knee. His tummy is red. and his tail has his yellow fur on top and the red on the bottom. His ears are red at the tip and flame down twords his head. He has a red spiral flame on his right eye.
    5. Eye color: ice blue eyes
    6. Clothing: i would like him to be in a fluffy diaper with paw prints on it. (i would also like the diaper to be used)
    7. I dont care if hes sitting or standing or w/e

    This was made for me by Pintear on FA. Bless him for his uber cute drawing.

    And he captured it great and allowed me to find flaws in my mental image of Kuei. In this one i photoshoped in the mark i want over his eye. For the paws i just want the red to extend to cover the paws completely and to see a little more flame at the end of the red.

    Im really looking to see a different artists perspective of how kuei looks.

    I thank any artist in advance if they decide to take on this request. And i thank everyone for just looking at my thread.

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    OK, it's working now. Good luck getting an artist, I don't even know why I come to these threads...

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    Not all artists...

    I have done a few requests for people and its good for beginning artists to try and get their work out there. I would give it a shot but you'd have to wait till after the christmas holidays before you'd see anything

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    I can draw a little chibi of him if that's alright with you. C: Actual furs don't work with me, but little chibi-chibi things are my favourite thing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLDisturbed View Post
    your first link doesn't work...
    I resent that. I work very hard and you just don't understand!

    And artists hate this if the request is hard. If it's something silly and easy, and most importantly fun, then the artist would be fine with it. I carve though, so requests are kind of hard.

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    Well i have zero art skills and untill i get money from xmas gifts i cant afford a comission.

    so before i put out the money for like a month wait or more commission i have just been trying to see if any artist out there wants to give it a shot. So i can perfect how i would like him to look.

    To Val: I kno some people hate requests. But it never just hurts to ask. I dont care if it dosent look like it belongs in an art gallery. I dont care if its colored. I dont care if its just a sketch. If no one wants to do it. Then thats ok with me. But I at least asked

    To RainbowWally: That would be awsome wally. I dont care if i need to wait till next year. You would be doing it out of nice-ness, so take your time *huggles*

    To Nei Nei: IF you wanna do a chibi of him that would be UBER CUTE. and give me another perspective of him.

    To Link: *hug* I know you work very hard Link. And if you need to take some time off thats completely ok. lolz

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    We're allowed to request art now? I always thought that was one of those unspoken rules of thumb....

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