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Thread: Belief in Santa?

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    Default Belief in Santa?

    Do you believe in Santa, think the notion is silly, or do you try to keep the magic alive for you or others?

    For me, I know he doesn't exist. But every year I make myself think there is a Santa, and eventually I start believing again, then lose the sprit after the Christmas season. I just never want to lose the magic of Christmas, and not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve. Plus, with 3 little kids around the house, I can't give any spoilers then yell "SPOILER ALERT!!"
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    I don't believe in the being, but I believe in the belief of him, if that makes any sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteGaachan View Post

    I don't believe in the being, but I believe in the belief of him, if that makes any sense.
    you beleive that people beleive in him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r4di0sensitive View Post
    you beleive that people beleive in him?
    Sorta. I believe that people do his bidding, whether or not he actually exists.

    Kinda like Scientology...

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    i want to beleive in him, but searching for proff as a child i wound up with empty hands. i never was the kind of person to follow with blind faith, which would explain my search for valadity in religion. so i stopped beleiving in santa. i am in love with the fact that their are higher powers out their to make our lives easier, but it is fantasy at best.

    as velvet acid christ said in the song 'there is no god' "my biggest fears is that this is not the work of the devil. because there is no devil if there is no god. and if there were a....god. he would never allow sucj suffering. and i see people groung up in the gears of this panic. i see people in anguish. i have come to beleive we are living in a great void."

    basically saying to me that blind faith isn't enough to guide you through life, because when you find out that what you beleive in is non existant, you feel like you have wasted a big chunck of your time. so i feel it is better to be disapointed in the beginning then to lead a live wondering what ifs.

    that is actually from an essay i'm writing about religion but i though it fit here nicely

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoo View Post
    I bealive in the actuall saint nick not santa claus
    i beleive in saint nick also but i have no idea when saint nick became synonamous with santa claus. and santa clause only became a houshold name because of coc-cola, so what happened XD

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    I belive there use to be a Santa or Chris Kringle. I once heard in class in school, there was a man named Chris Kringle who deliverd silver and gold to poor families, thus supposedly created Santa Clause. I Don't remember the full story of that though.

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    i think i just killed the thread, i took a cute idea and tried to valadate it -weak laugh- sorry legolas -handcuffs his hands behind his back so he can't type-

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