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Thread: Certainty Fitted Briefs Review

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    Default Certainty Fitted Briefs Review

    I have been wearing the Walgreens Certainty diapers for a few years, and have been really impressed with them compared to the other generic brands. While the absorbancy is terrible, as with every generic American brand, the diaper, itself, is very comfortable and quiet to wear for extended periods of time. If you're pressed for cash or don't have a way to get something better, like Molicare or Abena brands, then this is a definite buy.

    The Certainty briefs are definitely not meant for absorbency as much as other brands. They will hold a good wetting or two before they start to leak. This may be a problem for some, but I don't typically use the diapers, so I concentrate on the diaper, itself, rather than the absorbency.

    The diaper is extremely comfortable and quiet, as I mentioned previously. The cloth-like outer cover is great if you live with others, since it hardly even makes a whisper. There isn't the crinkle many of us love, but that also makes it much safer to wear around others. Due to the cloth outer cover, the absorbency and long-term use is diminished a bit. Eventually, the wet diaper will begin to gather moisture on the outside, which isn't a huge amount, but it is certainly an issue if you wet a lot.

    The inside is extremely soft. For those of you who have tried Bambinos, the inside of the Certainty briefs are about as soft as the Bambinos are. They are much softer than Depends, also. The leak guards are only as good as how tight the diaper is. They aren't a separate part, really. I haven't had a single issue with the leak guards, except when the diaper is reaching it's capacity.

    One of the biggest issue I had with the Depends briefs was the tapes. Although there were six of them, they were terrible quality. The Certainty diaper has Velcro-like tapes. They stay on extremely well and stay attached to the diaper fairly well. They also hold up extremely well with being reattached many times.

    Time to wrap this review up. If you have the choice between the Certainty briefs and some other generic store-bought brand, get these. If you're used to Depends or enjoy the plastic crinkle, you're going to have to adjust a little bit. The Certainty diaper holds up extremely well, even after a night of tossing and turning. Since the outside isn't plastic, then it also doesn't get as hot and uncomfortable as Depends. I'd give the Certainty diapers a "Buy it NOW" rating for the store-bought brands. Even if you hate them, you only would have wasted about $12 on these.

    Extra information:
    Available from all Walgreens chains in the Incontinence isle as far as I know. They come in packs of 20 for Mediums, and will fit even the chubbier people reasonably well. If you have any questions or suggestions, just PM me!

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    I've been using them for quite some time, and I love em. I don't have the time to use a diaper like bambinos to it's limit, so these are great. If I want more absorbency, they are very easy to stuff. They are way worth it for how cheep they are.

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    Man, I wish they made them in small though...That would be perfection. These things are BIG on me. I thought I was a 32 waist, which is the minimum the package says on it, but it's still big. I've tried small Tena, and even though they're a little tight, it's a much better fit. My Christmas wish is Certainty in a smaller size, even just slightly.

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    I would sooner pee in a toilet then ever use a any walgreens or depends product or any other type of generic type of diaper as they all leak and
    they suck more money out of you then taxes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by liltommy1979 View Post
    I would sooner pee in a toilet then ever use a any walgreens or depends product or any other type of generic type of diaper as they all leak and
    they suck more money out of you then taxes...
    Ya... these don't leak. I've been using them for years and have had no problems. Don't knock it tell you've tried it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liltommy1979 View Post
    I would sooner pee in a toilet then ever use a any walgreens or depends product or any other type of generic type of diaper as they all leak and
    they suck more money out of you then taxes...
    Yes, taxes suck; yes those diaper's absorbency sucks; and boy does your attitude suck. I am willing to give the OP the benefit of the doubt on this one, as his post was a well informed one. Those reviews are few and far between here.

    And would you please clean up your grammar and usage? I may have hated English class, but it's lessons did rub off on me.

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    First, thanks to the OP for doing a detailed review. Reviews are very informative for those looking to try new diapers.

    Liltommy, if you don't like them, don't buy them... You opinion is not constructive. Not every diaper is going to be like Bambino or Abri-form X-Plus. A lot of people here used Wlagreen and Depends who have had positive experience with them. They are cheap, (they go on sale for like $6.99 often,) available, and comfortable. You can always add stuffers to make them more absorbent.

    I wear cheap diapers all the time. Right now I'm wearing Confidence smalls. (Attends bottom of the line diaper) They have a narrow crotch, no leak guards and not very absorbent. But they have a purpose for me. I have roommates home and I feel like wearing. They were inexpensive, I bought a case of 96 on e-bay for like $25. No one can tell I'm wearing. I make sure I put them on correctly, I wet in small amounts, and I don't wet them beyond their designed capacity. I have no issues with them. Would I wear them to a movie and down one of those bladder-buster size sodas? No.

    If Depends, and Walgreen diapers were "that bad" no one would buy them. Retailers do not put things on the shelf that have no hope of selling because they would go out of business.

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    Grizzy and I have had this discussion a few times. I agree with everything he's said, including the part about "fitting even the chubbier people reasonably well." He is using what he's heard from me to make that statement. I'm near the limit of Medium size and have no problem at all.

    I have also tried Bambinos and ATNs and find them better, but the bottom line is important too, so Certainty is still on my shopping list. I watch for sales, and the last time (buy one get one free) I paid for two packages. I'm a happy camper.

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    Certainty briefs are a decent clone of the new Assurance and CVS Overnights. All three are certently made in the same factory but I find the CVS ones have way less defects. Perhaps they pay for some quality control? I find with all three I must staple the tabs to the backsheet to keep them from pulling off. Otherwise they are inexpensive, easy to get, good for one flood or two modest leaks and fun.

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    I've used them when I had some bedwetting problems.
    They weren't that great, but they were the best of the generic brands.

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