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Thread: Opinion: What's the best diaper?

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    Default Opinion: What's the best diaper?

    So I'm pretty new to this, and I would like a few more opinions besides the Wiki (which is pretty good). I am out for maximum absorbency, handle anything I can eject into it. I read the wiki, and it seems like the best candidates are:

    Secure Personal Care X-Plus

    Abri X-Plus

    Dry 24/7

    and perhaps the Molicare Super Plus.

    I don't really care about what it looks like, and I do prefer discreet to noise, although it's not really a big issue.
    The other two things are how fast it can handle a flood, and leaks. I don't think I would care about clumping and falling to the bottom, although I've never had the experience. I do mess, so it has to be able to handle both. (See my introduction.)

    What's the best? What do you think?

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    I'd go for either of the X-plus's, I prefer the abriform, but only cause I've not tried secure care ones :P. Abri x-plus is probably the best on the market, imo.
    As for flooding, no disposable can really handle it, unless its a small flood, Cloth is the way to go for that .

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    I've not really heard much about the dry's and have never tried them....
    Really all the brands you've chosen are at the top end of the market especially performance wise. I think the best comes down to the individual person. The only way you're going to know which is best is by trying out all 4, and seeing which works for you in terms of fit, softness, the type of plastic etc etc. See if you can get samples of each of them, or just try out a bag of each. I'd start with the abriforms through, cause I still think they're the best :P

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    Tena Maxi are worth a try, very comfortable and hold a lot.
    More super absorber than a Molicare Super Plus, I think.

    Attends 10 would be a cheaper alternative, too.

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    Don't think they get the maxi or attends 10 in the states :S

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    The best diapers are cloth nappies , and a lot of them, with nice rubber/plastic panties!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubs View Post
    I do prefer discreet to noise
    I prefer Underjams. Their very discrete and can take a couple wettings( for me at least). They might be a little small though, seeing as you're 16.

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    Underjams vs those 4?!?! No comparison, ones a bedwetters pull up, the others are top of the range, super absorbent, super nappies!

    I do agree with squishytushy through cloth > everything else.

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    I have to say abri-form x-plus then the secure x-plus which bambinos are made by the same company...Then molicare super plus followed by abri-form super...

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