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Thread: Monkey's Count ?

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    Question Monkey's Count ?

    Hey guys, im not going to kid myself... i really don't know much to anything about Furdom or Furries or anything, even though i've been in the *B/DL "know" for close to a decade i have only just recently (last year) even found out what a furry was, having never seen or even heard of any.

    Yeah i've probably been living under a rock(well diapered might i add =P) But my question is simple, Does being a Monkey Make you furry ?

    Or better yet can a Furry be a monkey ? i wonder because im assuming most monkeys are hairy and not furry.. does this even make a difference .. does this even make sense ?

    <confused *throws arms up* ......... *swings away*

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    It's called a furry because mammals are most common. It pretty much means any animal... apparently including dragons too. So I believe a monkey WOULD be a furry. and fur IS hair.

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    Ha what do ya know....

    Would it be naive of me to ask where this started ? or is that answer pretty much the same for the *B/DL racket, it just is ?

    And also what does being a furry mean ? like is it about believing you are that animal ?

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    Monkey - Nah, that's be otherkin

    Monkey + Person - Yes, furry.

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    Aramitz - Aramitz & TayMonkey by aramitz -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    A furry can be any animal, real or imaginary. I know people that have Pokemon fursonas and I believe Link is Adisc's, I'm assuming, only Keaton, a yellow fox from Zelda. So a monkey is not out of the question.

    To answer you question, furry is just a general label to try and include a wide-range of people with their own belief on what a furry is. So a furry can be whatever you wish it to be (taking into account your own view may differ from others and that's a-okay ^ ^)

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    Oh , i had no idea ... well in that case i might be a furry all though its been some years *sigh*

    i just don't know =\

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    Ha awesome a furry song, pweety sweet. i like the rules lol kinda straight forward that almost anyone can be a furry, i think i used to be one and i didn't even know it or realize when i evolved into only a human .... *facedesk* i wish i had a time machine.

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