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Thread: What diaper would fit

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    Default What diaper would fit

    I am around 6'1 and I weigh like waist is 33 inches

    what would fit me...

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    Forget about Pull-ups, Goodnites or baby diapers if you want to actually use them. You might be able to get them on but they will look like bikini bottoms and probably rip. You are in the smaller end of the size medium range for most adult diaper brands.

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    If your looking for some extra absorbency and a little better fit I would go with something in a large size...

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    As appealing as something like Drynites might be, with your waist size and height (man, you make me feel short!), you're going to want to get yourself some proper adult diapers. Above everything else, they're way more comfortable and absorbent than the alternatives.

    Like oblivionxi1 pointed out, size medium will probably do the trick.

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