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Thread: How should a diaper fit?

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    Question How should a diaper fit?

    I was wondering when stroling through the treads about diapers. How should a diaper fit on you? Should it be right on you waist or should it be more on you belly? And is it more comfrtable to wear a diaper a little too big? I wanna know becuse I wana know what size diaper to get. Im probly just going to injoy them in my room becuse i got pull ups for when i go out anyway. So any opinions.

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    There is actually a great diaper fitting explanation in the Answer Wiki, it is in putting on a diaper.
    But you want the lower straps to be tighten upward and to be very tight and then it is a free style with the upper straps.

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    The most important things about the way a diaper fits are:
    1) does everything fit COMFORTABLY inside? This is really more a guy issue than a girl issue.
    2) are the leg gathers tight? Because they should make a good seal to prevent leaks.
    3) is there a lot of excess material? Sometimes a diaper is just made with more material than you might want, especially on the sides. But if it's coming halfway up your torso, that's a good indication that it might be a size too big.
    4) Really, the most critical thing is that you feel comfy and you don't leak.

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    My idea diaper goes up to my belly button and just barely covers it. The tapes do not overlap do not end at the side of my body either but come around to the front. In addition, I can tape up the diaper well enough to give it a tight fit around my legs...otherwise, it'll leak.


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    Generally speaking you want the Diaper tight enough that it becomes form-fitting with out cutting off any circulation. There is a fine line between to tight and just right that is different for every body. Try putting one on while standing up and leaning against a wall to get an idea of how your legs need the correct amount of room for when standing or put them on laying down and before you finish try sitting up and wiggling around a little bit to test the air-tightness. When your snug .. you'll know it ~.^

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    I can't really say as I've never really had anything that fits properly (), but I know the signs of a bad fit:

    • Too tight
    • any gaps which may cause leaks
    • low rise

    I think it's always best to go a size up, especially if your in two size ranges. It gives you more room to double, and is more fun !

    Of course if you're going for discreetness, this won't apply.

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    The was I feel a diaper should fit may differ from some people because I leave the open opinion on this matter...I feel a diaper comfort and fit all depends on how the person prefers it to fit and feel...
    Myself I can't stand diapers that are to huge or to tight around the legs...
    I don't like have something pinching my legs or leaving marks on them...
    And I also think people try to wear a diaper that was never intended to fit them example toddler diapers and goodnites/underjams is just totally uncomfortable..

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    Depends on my mood. If I want to be discrete I wear smalls that ride lower and fit tighter. If I'm in total diaper mode and no one is around I go for higher absorbent, higher rising mediums.

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    It should feel like all your bits are being smooshed into you and you have the worst wedgie imaginable.

    Or something like that

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