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    No, not penis.

    Whats the longest amount of time you've worn 1 single diaper. However the longest time you've been in diapers is also acceptable. Not always using them but wearing them, (ex took off to use teh crap. Put back on.)

    Not for bragging rights, I'd just like to know how long you guys have done it for.

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    about 1 hour is the longest legnth of time i have worn for, as for the status of it, it was wet and enema'd

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    4 hours in Depends. I don't wear them anymore cus they kinda suck.

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    I think 2 days in a pullup that I didn't really use until the 2nd night.
    As for a true diaper, probably from one night to the morning after the next day. I cheated though.... I very carefully slipped it off and on to take a bath once and use the toilet a few times.

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    Well its quite bi- ohhhh never mind, I thought we were....well I didn't....ah *looks around for a while*



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    Hm...MATH TIME!

    about 21 hours? From the time I got home from school, to the next morning (10 hour slumber XD). Oh come on, whats better than waking up in a diaper and a plushie in your arms? Thats correct--NOTHING!


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    Hmm...I distinctively remember putting on a diaper at about 17:30 (5:30pm) after going to the sauna with a couple of AB friends. I took that diaper off when I woke up the next morning, around 10:00 (am) I guess. So *gets his calculator* that's 16 1/2 hours. It was "only" a Tena Super, but after a visit to the sauna everyone's pretty dehydrated from sweating!
    Incidentally, that's also the day I had my worst diaper rash.


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