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Thread: bambino bianco questions

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    Default bambino bianco questions

    1. what do they feel like? Are they all plasticy, or a cloth like breathable outer cover like Goodnites? a picture showed some weird shiney plastic stuff?

    2. can the tapes refasten so you can put it back on many times after wearing without peeing?

    3. Do they run small or large, and how high up they go on the waist?

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    u can get there waist sizes at, they range form small 22-34, medium 23-44, large 45-60, and XL 59-64, they are only plastic backed, not to sure fi they can be refastened many times, i would think it would start tearing the plastic off...

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    what do they feel like? I need to know before I order.

    I mean old fashioned plastic, or soft??

    P.S. should i get the sample size of 2? that is $7 or is that not enough diapers

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    That "old fashioned" plastic is what real disposable diapers were (and still should be) made of. True, the paper covered outer layer is better for discretion, but it takes away too much fun of wearing a diaper, from my perspective. The plastic is fairly soft, though some other diapers (like Attends, if you've ever heard of them) are softer still.

    The tapes can be refastened several times, because of the taping surface/landing zone for the tapes. I don't know how many times, because I've never needed to undo them more than once or twice during the point before the diaper is wet enough for changing anyway, which is at least several hours.

    I think they tend to run a little big, although the small is still a bit too small for me, so I buy the medium.

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    They have a tape landing zone, so the tapes can be adjusted many times. I have taken off one in the morning if I did not wet it and used it again another night.

    The plastic outer cover is a good thicker plastic cover. I would say the plastic is thicker than abena x-plus plastic. It feels like a old 80's style diaper plastic cover. I have never had a problem with pee leaching out the plastic like I have at times with the x-pluses.

    I just ordered another case of the biancas. I love them.

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    I was going buy bambino but it going cost 130.90 a months and add up year cost 1,570.80 way to high for me. So ask bambino if they could sell there product by 96 a box but said only can fit 48 in box So email them again back ask if will give discount buy two boxs at the same time but don't think that will so i'm going to have start look for brand fit my pocket it sham there so high cost.

    I waer this for medical incontinence 24/7 and go through a lot diaper month so need diaper fit need but also cost some what low .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dopey94 View Post
    Is the sample size discreet? and will UPS guy ring the doorbell?
    All of their shipments are discreet, but the UPS guy is unpredictable...
    Study his package delivery habbits before ordering.

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