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Thread: I want switch cloth diapers

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    Default I want switch cloth diapers

    I want switch use cloth diaper but mom will not let say use what use disopable but non of the brand fit right try a lot I only got 31x31 waist and weight is about 140 pounds. She told me reason will not switch cloth diaper becuase stick and if don't wash right way we only can get luadery mate once week on to do a wash .

    I really feel if switch cloth would have better fit with new velco and not have as many leak becuase not hold on me right I just buy so custome made diaper from lady made cloth diaper for baby she also does adult litte around 35 dollars pieces.

    So if any help please try show cloth diaper would be better for me instead junk disopable diapers that don't fit right.

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    No my mom does wash can't do laudery my self disability had hard doing normal adult like handle money, cook , luadery and so on.

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    I've never tried cloth diapers. Are they more comfortable than disposables?

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    Depends on the material, some can be some not so much. Plus how you wash them and take care of them. And the plastic pants can get a little sweaty :X. They are bulky through! Which is nice if you like that kinda thing

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    ether have been disopable diaper for long time but this adult don't fit right wish does one fit for smaller people. I hear cloth diaper better those becuase cause less diaper rash and feel more comort than plastic or cloth disopable.

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    If your mom would be the one doing the laundry, that might be a tough sell. Especially if you are diapered 24/7. I've been pretty much 24/7 in cloth diapers for the last four months. Once a week for laundry... that is a lot of diapers. Also, if they're left to sit (not rinsed out) for a week, they do get stinky--even with just urine. The ammonia smell will be enough to knock you over. To avoid this, I rinse the diapers immediately after changing out of them, wring them out, and toss 'em in my pail to wait for wash day (every 3 days).

    If you're fecal incontinent... I wouldn't put my mother through that.

    One more thing: cloth diapers only result in less skin irritation if they're properly washed, which can be difficult to pull off if you're only washing once a week or using a laundromat. I find it harder to get them clean if they've been sitting for a long time (even if they've been rinsed out). One go through the washing machine may not be enough... And that's also a lot of really heavy laundry to truck to the laundromat.

    A good argument for cloth diapers is of course less cost, but if you're using a laundromat it can actually get kind of expensive. Depending on wash routine, detergent used, etc., less skin irritation is not guaranteed. Trying out different brands of disposables (trying for a better fit or less irritation) may be your better option, unless your mom is really willing to go through that much extra trouble on wash.

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    After here that it does sound better to use disopable diapers I have just keep try plane yes wear 24/7 both wet and mess so it would hard for mom . But thank for every budy reply I does one know if diaper would fit on 31x31 waist good ever if baby one got buy country or adult one USA has many brand but not good.

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    Don't forget the cloth diapers are ALOT healthier for our environment...i mean i'd hate to say it but the *B/DL community and any other that uses diapers for their intended use is just bolstering pollution when they utilize Disposable Diapers rather then cloth ones... i mean think about all the landfills filled with used nappies, that take years to bio-degrade if they even do...

    So if your mother is eco-conscious at all, then thats your argument right there

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    I wear cloth, babylife, and I always wash them out first in the shower when I take my shower. I usually only wear them at night, and so only use one a day. After washing them out in the shower, I hang them up to dry. On laundry day, they get washed in the washing machine.

    That said, I live in my own house with my wife, and we have a washer and dryer. If you don't have one where you live and must go to a laundromat, I could see why your mom doesn't want to spend the money. Perhaps it's the disposable diapers you are buying and wearing. What brand do you wear? Maybe another brand would be better?

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