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Thread: where to buy the good diaps

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    Default where to buy the good diaps ill finally post and stop lurkin.
    anyway i'm kinda getting sick of depends.
    where can i buy the good diapers that everyone talks about?
    yes, i can drive.

    appreciate any answers...

    also where can i buy plastic pants?

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    A medical supply store for some better diapers than Depends (CVS, Rite Aid, or a shop that specializes in medical things: look up on you could get some online...They do sell plastic pants at CVS, although I don't know what quality they are...You can also get them online

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    Online or like Pojo said medical supply store, those are PROBABLY your only two options, and ARE your only 2 if you want the MAX quality diapers and plastic pants.

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    you should look around at:
    xpmedical and northshorecare
    but only if you can buy online of course. They boyh have really good stuff.

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    Plastic pants at CVS? Where is this? Not doubting you. Just haven't seen them at the few CVS stores I've been to. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong part of the store?

    Years and pounds later, my Salk's need replacement...

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    the only diapers i have ever bought from a store front were depends. anything else i get is from online. do you have a credit card or debit card?

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    so is this like the 10th time a thread like this has been posted or what?

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