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Thread: Humorous listing in local Craigslist

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    Default Humorous listing in local Craigslist

    So I was browsing nearby Craigslists the other day and saw this posted:

    Only in America or should I say Oregon?

    Been thinking about what condition I have that this new "wonder drug" will treat.

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    uhhhh, Can I assume the poster is talking about marijuana?

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    DUH.... Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP)... I got my bumper sticker on. Yes we cannabis!

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    Yeha hes a <smart> fellow for trying that as if he's going to have any luck >_> .... newbs these days

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    You Oregonians and your medicinal marijuana...

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    Yah,, cough cough.... medical.

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    I just love the way he quoted the word Medicine in his listing, like that's very subtle.

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    I hope he got arrested for that what an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    I hope he got arrested for that what an idiot.
    Well, I'm not familiar with Oregon's laws, but if there is legislation that provides him with a card or license of some sort, then that probably isn't the case...

    It was announced a couple months ago that the feds were going to back off of medicinal marijuana and focus on the substances that are still strictly controlled. (i.e. street drugs)

    As they should, IMO... I don't agree with how the medicinal marijuana "business" is being regulated, btw; it leads to stuff like the Craigslist post listed above...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    Yah,, cough cough.... medical.
    aww that cough doesnt sound good :[
    maybe some canobis will help

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