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Thread: Itunes top 25

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    pretty self explanatory upload a pic of your itunes Top 25 most played

    Click image for larger version. 

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    dang thats to enlarge i think
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    (Keep in mind i don't listen to EDM through iTunes and there is a great deal more i don't use iTunes for as well which puts this list slightly off at least 5%)

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    Not that trustworthy though. iTunes seems to misbehave a lot; and the stuff I listen to on my iPod doesn't affect it...

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    I don't really use Itunes to play my music through. So its probably a little off. And I listen to mix albums so....
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    I use this thing called a CD player.

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    Yea, get back to us in a few years Granddad :P

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    It doesn't really indicate what I always listen to, but it's the top 25, so they're my most-played. Which is to say, I like these groups a lot.

    Except for Bernward Koch. Don't know how he got on that list. Stupid playlists :dodgy:

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    I use this thing called a CD player.
    I don't like iTunes. If I listen to music on my computers I use MediaMonkey. My most used music format right now is audiocassettes. My car only has a cassette player. All of my mp3 players are broken, and I don't have a proper CD player anymore. If I want to listen to a CD, I have to use a game console or a computer.

    The most listened to cassette would be Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon.

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