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Thread: To my fellow Australians

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    Default To my fellow Australians

    Hey people
    Okay so i am out of diapers and i really want something with a print on them, or the most babylike nappy i can find.

    I have only ever had goodnites and depends (kinda okay) and most recently i managed to get molicare (they were awesome).

    Anyway have you ever shopped here
    Incontinence Diaper/Nappy . Butterfly design

    if so i need a review...

    Otherwise i live in queensland where is the closest place i can go - or on line??

    thanks for the help!

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    as a fellow sydney sider i have not delt with that company. I have personally delt with these guys: https://store.independenceaustralia....tore/index.wsp

    They are quick to process the web orders but sometimes ship their goods in manufacturers boxes. I have also gone to their sydney warehouse and picked up an order and they were happy to help. The sydney warehouse is simply that, a warehouse. The storeman was nice and got our order quickly, made the call to the melbourne head office and my CC was billed justly. All in all they are very happy to help and they didnt ask any questions as i knew exactally what i wanted.

    If you are after something reusasable though i would personally recommend Yuyun, a chinese manufacturer. They make a good product at a resonable price. Their site is NiceDiaper.Com or their ebay store eBay Store - YUYUN: Adult Baby Diaper, cloth diapers, adult diaper.

    Hope i helped

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    I think the best bayish ones come from the US. It is possible to make your own baby print disposables, though.

    As for the best disposables..definitely abriform x plus..I get mine through independance Australia

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    For the past few years as soon as I plan a trip to Australia I send an e-mail to Independence Australia. I know they will ship as supply of adult disposables in my size soon enough they are waiting at my first Australian hotel. On this recent expedition I knew we would be driving south from Sydney to Melbourne, so I did not need to leave any nappies behind.

    Independence Australia also shipped a case each of Tena pull-ups and slips to French Island since I knew I would be there a long time. I did need to leave a few nappies behind in Adelaide, knowing full well more would be waiting for me in Perth.

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    Hey df. I have bought from them and they are pretty cool. Quick delivery, discretely packed. Great customer service and advice.

    They are the only reusables I have so I have nothing to compare to. They aren't hugely thick but they do have really cool prints.

    I highly recommend them.

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