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Thread: Getting caught on purpose

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    Default Getting caught on purpose

    So I have a group of friends that I share my infantilism with, every time I go and stay at their house I usually have some pajamas, maybe even a plushy, so they know I'm very childish. I even once told my friend Kay about my diapers, I told her whilst I was drunk she tells me. (First time getting drunk many years ago and I go and tell a huge secret)

    They're pretty accepting, as well as probably wishing I would grow up, they don't really give me all the respect I need, and sometimes they make jokes about things which they forget that I do.

    For instance Kay has an ex boyfriend, and she would make jokes about him wetting the bed. He wasn't incontinant or into piss, he was just incredably lazy. So she makes jokes about it and I'm sitting there thinking "I wear diapers remember?"

    So I kind of wanted to say something but didn't want to embarris myself and I HATE awkward silences. So better yet, I wanted to get myself caught. I've worn diapers around them before, even in my pajamas where I've been asked "Why are you rustling." course I've gone and quickley changed the subject.

    So usually I wake up first after a sleep over (I sleep on the couch in the living room), and when I do I roll over and sleep more, so I did except first I rolled over on top of the covers and pulled my pajama pants down just a little so my diaper would show over the top.

    Friends walk in, getting ready to go to work, I've already fallen asleep again (Or just eyes closed) and then nothing else. Now I know for a fact Kay has looked down at me while I've laid there, and at that time my diaper has shown.

    I wonder if they notice but choose not to say anything, or if they're completley clueless.

    Right now it doesn't bother me how much of my infantilism they're accepting, they've been upsetting me a little recently, but that's not the point of this topic.

    Ever tried to reveal yourself before? Why? Do people just ignore this if they don't know what to say about it?

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    While I may fantasize about being found out, It's not something I'd actually want to do, at least not with family and friends. I've been found out unintentionally, and I would love for it to have never happened. It's just awkward. Now if people in public saw my diapers, or whatever, I wouldn't feel as emotional towards it, because I'll probably never see them again.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Getting found out usually does suck.

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    I guess it really depends, or I'm in that current stage where I don't care what people think and if they don't like me for what I am, then I shrug at it.

    It's one of those things people want people to accept, but more often then not they won't accept it because it's, well weird to them.

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    In a certain context, it makes for a fun fantasy... but in reality, I'd never want to be caught.

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    I'm the same way good when final figure this who are it deos not bother you any more told all my family and friend if don't like it to bad. Yes lost few friend overs years and got teased but show who true still got few talk to and know wear diaper AB . My family learn to accept me for who am but some disagree but love so support in way and to be honest some girl find cute lol.

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    Main thing is in the end as long as you're happy with yourself and that you can make peace with your family and friends. My Mum hates it, but it's not her decission now that I'm not under her roof, not that she knows I'm still an infantilist.

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    I find forcing your fetish on the public at large or on people in your life to be really aggressive. It may be your fantasy to be seen, but it may not be their fantasy to see you. Just keep that in mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by balancedchaos View Post
    I find forcing your fetish on the public at large or on people in your life to be really aggressive. It may be your fantasy to be seen, but it may not be their fantasy to see you. Just keep that in mind.
    I should have inb4d that. I wouldn't say aggressive is the word.

    I'm not interested in 'forcing' my fetish out on the public, however I won't stop wearing whatever I want out in public too. I'm happy with being myself in front of my friends, the public is a different subject.

    Though considering now you've mentioned it, it's not for the public to know what I enjoy doing, and even if they did, I honestly wouldn't care considering the fact I'm not harming anyone. Hence I wear overalls, and would even wear a pacifier out in public. I wouldn't show off my diaper though.

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    I go from being not diapered to obviously diaperd, and so far no one has ever said a thing, I wear the same type clothing everyday, and there is no doubt I have more than a few extra layers on around my middel.

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